Mitchell St Plaza

Due Completion: 01 July 2018


Notice of Night Works 2018

Be advised that night works is scheduled to continue 7pm – 5am Mon 19/03/2018 and Sunday 25/03 – Fri 30/03 on both Mitchell and Atchison Streets.

Out of Hours works - please refer to Out of Hours works webpage.


Mitchell Street Plaza Public Domain Upgrade

Mitchell Street Plaza is set to be transformed into a more pedestrian-friendly shared zone as part of plans to upgrade public spaces in St Leonards.

The concept design was developed through consultation with a working group, which included adjacent land owners and tenants, council staff and design professionals.

The new shared zone will give pedestrians the right-of-way and put a 10km-per-hour speed limit on motorists along the Plaza, which is situated between Pacific Highway and Atchison Street. The upgrade will also include a green wall "gateway statement" and signage to help improve the identity and character of St Leonards as a changing area and separate it from the adjacent villages and Pacific Highway road corridor.

The transformation of Mitchell Street Plaza is in response to increasing demand for better public domain space and renewed infrastructure, which was identified in Council’s St Leonards/Crows Nest Planning Study and the more recent Crows Nest Placemaking and Principles Study completed this year. It comes as the area adjacent to St Leonards train station is rapidly changing from commercial use to mixed-use and high-rise development, attracting more residents to the area.

The area’s population is only predicted to rise further with the construction of the new Metro Station in Crows Nest.

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The redevelopment has commenced and is due for completion mid-2018 and will include:

  • the creation of a pocket park,
  • green wall and signage installation along the Pacific Highway,
  • upgrade of the intersection of Mitchell Street and Atchison Street to improve safety,
  • conversion of Mitchell Street, between Atchison Street and Albany Lane, into a shared zone,
  • new lighting,
  • precast concrete walls,
  • under grounding of overhead wires,
  • new paving,
  • drainage works,
  • new furniture,
  • new trees and garden beds.

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