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Background to the Project

August 2019

EPS01 NSOP - Stage 2 Design - Status Update (13MB)

In August the progress of the North Sydney Olympic Pool redevelopment project was reported to Council to inform of the next step - DA phase. During the DA phase of this project, the DA will be on exhibition for public comment. 


March 2019

On 25 March 2019, North Sydney Council voted to progress the redevelopment of the NSOP to the next stage (Stage 2 Design - Preparation of a DA and Statutory Approvals).

In November 2017, a Mayoral Minute was put to Council, whereby Council resolved to progress “Option 2” for the redevelopment of the Pool. “Option 2” was one of six options previously developed for the pool that ranged in cost from $16 million to $72 million.

“Option 2”, now referred to as “Option 2b” has been through a design development process since the design consultant team was engaged by Council in June 2018.

In February 2019, it was also reported to Council that the existing Pool Grandstand built in 1935/36 had reached the end of its useful life and retaining it in the long term should not be considered.  

The total project cost currently estimated for the redevelopment of the pool is $57.9 million which exceeds the $28 million currently included in Councils Delivery Program 2018/19 - 2020/21.

For Council to proceed with implementation of the project a further $29.9 million will be required. As resolved on 25 March 2019, Council is currently seeking State and Federal Government funding to ensure that this “once in a lifetime” project can be constructed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Mayor Jilly Gibson said:

The concept plan brings the pool and gym facilities into the 21st century while retaining the heritage elements that our community treasures, including the entry stairwell, art deco wall along the harbour and a refreshed hall of fame.

Council recognises that the Pool plays two roles in our community. It is a much-loved and well-used local facility but it is also a Sydney icon that attracts people from across the world. These plans will ensure the Pool continues to meet community needs and remains one of the best outdoor pools in the world.


The key components of the Option 2b design for the Redevelopment of NSOP include:

NEW 50m pool

NEW family leisure pool with sunshade 

NEW children’s interactive water play area

NEW sundeck and “Gelato bar”

NEW expanded “Ripples café” adjacent to Olympic Boulevard

NEW change facilities, including family change facilities

NEW grandstand with roof/shade structure, with capacity for 970 people

NEW expanded 1100m2 gym suitable for all ages in a new Grandstand

NEW 120m2 creche with 47m2 outdoor play area on the ground level

NEW 4 x lane 25m Indoor Pool, Warm Water Pool, Spa and Sauna Facilities

NEW cafe, with potential to host events

NEW 176m2 retail shop

NEW covered entry off Alfred Street incorporating the original heritage entry

NEW All Pool facilities are all fully accessible with purpose built ramps.


For more information about the NSOP redevelopment refer to this Council Report by the Engineering and Property Services Division, and the accompanying Media Release.

Report to Council 25 March 2019 (29MB)

Media Release 26 March 2019 (786KB)


June 2018

An extensive Tender process for Design and Project Management Services for the redevelopment of the NSOP “Option 2” was completed and reported to Council on 25 June 2018. Architects (Brewster Hjorth Architects and sub consultant team) have been appointed to redevelop the NSOP complex.


November 2017

A mayoral minute was put to Council whereby Council resolved to

  1. THAT Council supports the development of Option 2 to a detailed design phase.
  2. THAT the design development includes an upgraded crèche that meets the needs of parents and carers who wish to keep their children safe while visiting the gym and pool facilities, and that the design solution takes into account any anticipated increased demand for the crèche once the overall pool facility is upgraded.
  3. THAT while the detailed design is being undertaken, Council staff in conjunction with the Architects develop a business analysis of the costs and future revenue streams of the project.
  4. THAT the detailed design and business analysis be reported back to Council before being placed on public exhibition for an extended consultation period.
  5. THAT Council consider accessibility in the planning specifically addressing universal design.
  6. THAT Council staff investigate options for allowing pool and gym users access to Luna Park’s Parking Station, which at present is under-utilised.
  7. THAT the Mayor and Deputy Mayor meet with the Member for North Sydney, the Member for North Shore and the Premier, seeking their assistance in applying for grant funding for the Pool renewal project.

Note: In 2016/17 the project was put on hold due to the requirements of the proposed NSW Council amalgamations. Councils could not proceed with Major Projects during the proposed merger period.


March 2016. The outcome of the community consultation for Phase 2 was reported to Council. At its 21 March 2016 meeting Council resolved to defer the project: refer to web link for the full Council Resolution of 21 March 2016.

NSOP Redevelopment Options March 2016 (2MB)

Addendum NSOP Community Consultation Results March 2016 (131KB)


Aug/Sep 2015 Phase 2 Community Consultation was undertaken from 13 Aug to 25 Sep 2015 with the findings presented to Council in March 2016.


Mar/April 2015 Council resolved at its March 2015 meeting to place all six (6) options developed as a result of Phase 1 Community consultation on Public Exhibition.


September 2014

Phase 1 community consultation was conducted from 16 September to 30 November 2014 with the findings presented to Council in December 2014.

The redevelopment of the NSOP was initially approved by Council in July 2013 when Council adopted a scoping report from the Engineering and Property Services Division for the upgrade of the pool.

An Expression of Interest (EoI) was then run by Council to invite specialist consultants and their sub-consultant’s teams to register an interest in providing design services for the upgrade of the pool. 25 submissions were received and 23 Consultant teams were short listed for the next stage – a select tender for the preparation of Master Plan Options in December 2013.