Brett Whiteley Place


The upgrade of Brett Whiteley Place and Elizabeth Plaza in North Sydney CBD has been successfully completed (2018).


The upgrade to these areas has included providing new high-quality granite footpath paving, new and improved seating arrangements, refurbishment of the existing Woodward fountains, upgrade of the drainage, installation of street furniture, new bus stops on Miller St, planting of new trees, new and improved lighting, improved pedestrian circulation and the creation of a public events space.



The innovative materials used in the design and construction of Brett Whiteley Place and Elizabeth Plaza has resulted in these areas being nominated for a number of awards for excellence in landscape architecture and construction.    


While the construction has not been without challenges and minor disruption to the community due to the central location of these works in the CBD, the Council would like to thank local businesses and the community for their patience throughout these works.  


Council is now making full use of these areas by organising events during lunch time and evenings for the community to enjoy and participate in.