St Leonards Park Landscape Improvement Works

Southern Lawn (Stage 3)

North Sydney Council is now undertaking improvements to the Southern Lawn of St Leonards Park, Stage 3 of the St Leonards Park Landscape Masterplan. The work commenced in late March and will be completed mid-year. 

Works to be undertaken include:

  • widening the path
  • upgrading lighting
  • installing low level gardens to soften the North Sydney Oval wall
  • installing picnic/seating areas 

There will be construction vehicles in the park during this time. 

Completed improvements include upgrading the cricket nets and Tunks Way, restoring the Tunks Fountain, relocating the Field Gun and upgrading the Oval Forecourt which won an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects award.


Completed Works 


Tunks Way (Stage 2), Jan-July 2021

The Tunks Way footpath through St Leonards Park reopened July 2021 to the public after numerous improvements, including widening of the walkway to three metres. New upgraded lighting was installed from the middle of the footpath to the side of the walkway, providing better lighting for users of the park. More seating has been provided along the pathway and new low-level gardens were planted to help soften the appearance of the North Sydney Oval wall. The field gun has been moved to a more prominent location at the north end of Tunks Way.


Landscape improvement works – Miller Street entrance forecourt, Oct 2020

The newly refreshed forecourt at St Leonards Park has created a striking and grand entrance into North Sydney Oval, following the completion of stage one of the park’s upgrades.

The formerly fragmented landscape has been transformed featuring open, free-flowing elements including twenty-four advanced native cabbage tree palms providing shade as well as several bright red newly installed seating options.

Works undertaken:

  • Replace existing lawn with granite paving.
  • Plant advanced Cabbage tree palms.
  • Plant low, shade tolerant gardens to maintain sight lines.
  • Resurface Fig Tree lane and new kerb and guttering.
  • Upgrade the vehicle passing bay.


Landscape improvement works – Cricket Practice Nets (Fig Tree lane), Feb 2020

Much-needed upgrade to the Cricket practice nets in St Leonards Park. The nets now meet the current requirements of practice cricket wickets and are fully enclosed to improve public safety.

Works undertaken:

  • Demolition of existing cricket nets
  • Install new concrete slab
  • Installation of new current specification Cricket Nets
  • Install new synthetic turf
  • Replace vines with new hedge
  • Repair block walling
  • New power point at the entrance for the nets.


More Information

For more information about the landscape works or the St Leonards Park Masterplan, please visit the Council website: or contact Damian Conway, Project Manager 

Posted on 6 April 2022

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