Ted Mack Oration & Comments Book

In March 2017, Council celebrated the achievements of former Mayor of North Sydney, Ted Mack, his contribution to public life, local government, local democracy, architecture and urban planning. Elizabeth Farrelly, the Sydney Morning Herald columnist delivered the oration, you can watch it below.


Trained in architecture and philosophy, Prof. Farrelly practiced in London and Bristol and holds a PhD in urbanism from the University of Sydney. A former Independent City of Sydney Councillor, she is currently Associate Professor in the Australian Graduate School of Urbanism at UNSW, and has written a number of award-winning books, including fiction and non-fiction. 



Ted's Stories

Many members of the community have expressed their desire to reconnect with Ted Mack and express their appreciation for his work here in North Sydney as well as wishing to tell us their personal stories about Ted.

Contributions will be collated and presented to the Mack family and a copy kept for the Council records. 

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