Coping with COVID-19

Webinar Series


Throughout August 2021, Experts from The Resilience Centre presented this four-part free webinar series on managing the effects of Covid-19 and navigating through another lockdown.  Although aimed towards older people, all ages can gain benefit from these workshops.

Sessions were recorded and can be accessed below:


1. Staying Afloat and Connected with Michelle Wotton



Life as we know it has changed dramatically due to COVID-19. To overcome isolation and loneliness while we stay at home to control the spread of the virus, we must use different ways to stay connected with friends and family. Maintaining social connections with others is important to keep us staying happy and hopeful during this period.


2. Coping with Uncertainty with Sarah Piper



How individuals can take responsibility for their own wellbeing and focus on what's working for them to face adversity and deal with times of change.


3. Caring for a Spouse or Family Member with Ida Soghomonian



What you can do as a carer to adjust and help you cope while caring for someone.  The importance of continuing with your normal routine as much as possible to maintain consistency and certainty for the person you are caring for.


4. Reframing Covid-19 with Lyn Worsley



The challenges and changes during COVID-19 period can promote stress and other situations that would not normally occur.  By using the reframing strategy, it can help you reinterpret the meaning of a situation, event or experience to help cope during this stressful time.





Posted on 9 September 2021

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