Artist Studio Programs

Supporting artists to develop their profession by providing low-cost or free studio spaces, Council runs two artist studio programs.

  1. Primrose Park Arts Centre
    six well equipped, shared studio spaces for artists at low-cost rent for a one year period.
  2. The Coal Loader Artist Studio
    free-of-charge to one artist per ten month period (artists using sustainable concepts or materials are given priority).

Selected artists are then required to share their creativity with the community, adding to our local cultural life through an active and engaging Public Program of open days, exhibitions, workshops and artist talks:



Information about the programs, and the relevant application dates.

Coal Loader Artist Studios - Applications closed 31 January 2020.

Coal Loader Artist Studio Program - about the program (159KB)

Coal Loader Artist Studio Program - EoI guidelines (161KB)

Coal Loader Artist Studio Program - application form (138KB)


Primrose Park Artist Studios - Applications will open on 30 May 2020 for the 12 month residency from 1 October 2020.

Primrose Park Artist Studios - residency guidelines (132KB)


More information - Team Leader Arts & Culture on 9936 8100 or email


 1. Primrose Park Artist Studios

2019-20 Studio Artists


Simon Brown has a Dip Fine Arts from Meadowbank TAFE. Having relished art an early age, and throughout school, he is a self-taught painter experimenting in many forms and mediums. At TAFE he majored in Painting, with a focus on photorealism. Simon is concerned with the breakdown of luminous layers that photography often fails to capture and reveal, to challenge the notion that depth is lost in the transferral of photographic forms into a painted piece. Simon advises “continued exploration, discovery and learning is what drives me towards a future rich with artistic possibilities...”.


Simon BrownSimon Brown


Bernadette Facer (81KB) is a visual artist working in printmaking, classical photography and installation. Whilst studying at the Otago School of Fine Art in New Zealand, these mediums were developed by mentors such as, Diane Halstead and Marilyn Webb. Although now residing in Australia, her work often has a contextual connection to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Bernadette's art is often influenced by the sombre and contemplative black protest paintings of Ralph Hotere. The works will often depict braided rivers as shadow water or ata wai. Black on black printing methods are used to serve as a dual representation for memory and of the depletion of resource, in the agricultural district from which she hails, Waitara (Canterbury).

Bernadette’s works can be viewed as unfinished fragments of memory which sit within an archetypal landscape through print and assemblage. “Current installations, incorporate delicate charcoal lines, abstract hybrid landscapes, mono-print and embroidery. Stitching the memory, or lifeline to the past. Threads snap and break. Fractured memories part of a once pristine landscape”.


Bernadette Facer

Primrose Park Artist Studio Upper level

Primrose Park Artist Studio Upper level 3


 Primrose Park Studio Doors
Primrose Park Studio Courtyard with sign

 Bernadette Facer


Terhi Hakola (534KB) is a Finland-born artist based in Sydney. She holds a MA from UNSW; and a degree in medicine from the University of Kuopio, Finland. She has practiced as a GP for 20 years in Finland and Australia. As a medical practitioner she has witnessed life at the ordinary and at the extremes. The human experience that captivated her as a doctor - the desire to unfold what defines and gives meaning to our day-to-day existence - also fuels and motivates her art. Recurring themes in her work consider the sense of identity, impermanence and mortality.

Using primal symbols, traditional story-telling and Scandinavian mythology, Hakola works with installation, video, animation and painting. She plays with the tensions between the mundane and the extraordinary, the known and the ineffable, the familiar and the terrifying. For her the creative process - going through the unknown and doubt - is an important rite of passage, which mirrors our journey through life with its potential for transformation. Her central quest is to develop work which reflects the shared human experience and offers a place for connection and possibility.

Terhi Hakola  

Terhi Hakola


Ana Young (345KB) holds a BA Visual Arts (hons.) from the School of Arts, ANU, Canberra and a BA Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney. Ana describes her practice as inter-disciplinary: sculptural installations, drawing, paintings investigate the notion of landscape as a series of ongoing journeys. She will revisit particular localities, research their previous histories and geographies. Constructions evolve from found objects and materials that may hint at their original location. Ana continually explores the role of place and memory as a point of arrival and departure in her work. “I seek to interrogate how I see landscape, the distance between the studio and being there  allows the  restructuring of works whether in 2d forms or 3d forms. I find new possibilities pursuing the Australian bush, silence and close observation lead ultimately to works finding their own rhythm and poetry”.

Ana Young  

Ana Young


Frances O’Rourke holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School and Certificate of Floristry from Pearson School of Floristry. Frances is primarily interested in painting and drawing landscapes and will often paint plein air as it provides a direct and intimate connection with nature. It was on her most recent trips to the Kosciosko High Country and the Eastern MacDonald Ranges where she was truly able to explore and articulate her passion for nature in all its manifestations and forms, using a vibrant palette of acrylics. According to Frances “my works offer an abstract take on colour, light and texture of landscape. These help to guide the immersion into Australia’s rural outback, which I find can relax the soul and rekindle one’s relationship with nature. When conveying my memories, I marvel at nature, its beauty and destruction, the duality of both joy and sadness. Through this, I seek to express the authenticity of the Australian bush”.




Beth Radford (41KB) is a visual artist who creates complex hard-edge geometric paintings that refer to the inherent systems that govern the natural world. With a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and a Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies), University of Sydney, Beth unites her interests to create pieces that are intended to be both intellectual explorations of form and symmetry, as well as objects of contemplative focus. According to Beth “Recognition and appreciation of the beautiful ordered relationships which underlie and hold together what often seems like an unpredictable existence is central to my work.  Precise gradations of colour are used to create shimmering luminous effects that evoke a sense of movement while pattern-layering techniques create the illusion of depth. Each work is meticulously painted by hand over several weeks”.



2. Coal Loader Artist Studio


Artist in Residence


Philippa Hagon (221KB) is the 2020 Coal Loader Studio Artist and will take up residency in May 2020.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School and has recently completed a Master of Fine Arts, National Art School. Philippa works in the conceptual, spatial and hybrid expanded field of painting incorporating painting, drawing, video, mix media, assemblage and installation. Her practice is focused on examining the use of everyday reclaimed materials to think beyond their useful/literal function.

The reclaim materials invoke the socio-cultural excesses of late-capitalism. The discarded waste poses questions of value/less and worth/less, not only in the discarded materials themselves, but in the subjective relationships we have to the materiality of desire and excess itself.


Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

Coal Loader Studio




Participating Studio Artists from previous years: John Nearos and Helen Hill (2007), Tony Peri and Jill Lacina (2008), Meredith Peach and Dianne Finnegan (2008), Lyn Woodger Grant and Angela Morrell (2009), Rachel Wiggins and Sophie Taggart (2009), Angela Griffiths and Michele Morcos (2010), Jane Theau and Mandy Pryse Jones (2010), Kath Fries and Julie McConaghy (2011), Helen Sturgess and Jane Burton Taylor (2011-2012), Judi MacLaren and Deborah Brown (2012), Frances O'Rourke and Melanie Leihn (2013), Jess Birk and Theresa Darmody (2014), Penelope Lee and Natharlie Hartog-Gautier, Jane Theau, Tamsin Salehian, Ingrid van de Aa, Mandy Pryse Jones (2015), Alma Studholme (2016), Basia Zielinska, Anne Numont, Alex Thorby, Tamsin Salehian, Ingrid van der Aa, Jane Theau (2017), Sandra Winkworth (2017), Anne Numont, Bernadette Facer, Jane Theau, Simon Brown, Ana Young, Terhi Hakola (2018-19), Rhonda Pryor (2018), Haruka Kokubu (2019)