Coal Loader Artist Studio Public Program

Please note: the studio is currently not open to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions


Artist in Residence


Philippa Hagon (221KB) is the 2020 Coal Loader Studio Artist and will take up residency in May 2020.

Phillipa holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School and has recently completed a Master of Fine Arts, National Art School. She works in the conceptual, spatial and hybrid expanded field of painting incorporating painting, drawing, video, mix media, assemblage and installation. Her practice is focused on examining the use of everyday reclaimed materials to think beyond their useful/literal function.

The reclaim materials invoke the socio-cultural excesses of late-capitalism. The discarded waste poses questions of value/less and worth/less, not only in the discarded materials themselves, but in the subjective relationships we have to the materiality of desire and excess itself.



























Phillipa Hagon

Untitled Oil; after Duchamps coal sacks, 2019

reclaimed oil drum, bleached paper, installation view