Children's Creative Festival

Each year, The Festival Day is held on the fourth Saturday in October to coincide with Children's Week.


In its 19th year, in 2019, the North Sydney Children’s Creative Festival brought together the community for a day in Ted Mack Civic Park. We celebrated Animalia - the animals we share our planet with - to inspire & educate young minds about the importance of caring for the natural world...


We danced with Wagana Dancers as they brought Aboriginal creation stories to life through dance, music, song and puppetry. We also met Dinnawan the Emu, Mugi the Owl, Wagan the Crow and Dyagula the Lyrebird. 

We Listened to storytellers from the Aboriginal Heritage Office and Stanton Library as they took us on amazing underwater journeys with Gawura the Baby Humpback Whale and his sea animal friends!

We patted a Water Dragon and a pair of cheeky Tree Spirits from Ancient Times with Erth - Visual and Physical Inc!

We made our own Wildlife Habitats with Council's Bushcare Team as well as our own Bamboo Bee Hotel with North Sydney Scouts!

We Painted, drew, scribbled and stuck to create our own animal puppets and illustrations with artist Kathie Najar and Studio A artists Lauren Kerjan and Catherine McGuiness.

We wove a giant Bird's Nest with Basketry NSW!

We pounced like an animal with Circus Playground.

We met crocs, pythons and lizards with Australian Wildlife Displays!

We Grooved with the North Sydney Girls High School Band!

We Explored inside a Police van and patted a Police Dog with North Sydney Police.


We had FUN!!




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