The Red Project

Celebrating Creative Women in North Sydney...


In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2018) North Sydney Council invited 74 women artists from across the area to participate in a series of exhibitions to be held at six Council venues throughout March.

The exhibitions showcased work by emerging and established artists who have participated in the  Primrose Park Artist Studio and Coal Loader Artist Studio Program, as well as a selection of artists who have had an affiliation with Council’s creative projects and have significantly contributed to the cultural life of the area, including category winners of the North Sydney Art Prize, artists from Primrose Paper Arts, Basketry NSW, the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective – Australia, and the Bridget Kennedy Project Space/Ridge Street Artist in Residence Program.

The artists developed works in response to the colour 'red', as a colour associated with the earth, energy, strength, power, action, determination, passion, desire and love. Artists have responded to the curatorial theme with great imagination exploiting a range of media including installation, sculpture, new media, mixed media, printmaking, textiles, basketry, paper making and contemporary jewellery.

This significant cultural event provided a broad view of contemporary visual practice whilst celebrating women’s resilience, creativity and ingenuity.


Videography: Jack Staniford, Music: Rudi Crivici




Tunnel 1 & 24 chambers
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability


A curated group exhibition of artists who have participated in Council’s Primrose Park Artist Studio and the Coal Loader Artist Studio Programs and/or been awarded category winners of the North Sydney Art Prize.

24 artists working across a range of media including installation, sculpture, new media, painting, drawing and basketry were selected and invited to consider the multiple histories of this unique post industrial site whilst engaging with the colour or concept of 'red'.

Each artist has responded with inventiveness and insight to create an 'underground wonderland' which has transformed these otherwise empty chambers into a series of intriguing and interactive spaces.


Jessica Birk, Gloria Florez, Kath Fries, Tina Fox, Nathalie Hartog Gautier, Nola Jones, Penelope Lee, Debbie Mackinnon, Michele Morcos, Virginia Moorfield, Ingrid Morley, Anne Numont, Denese Oates, Meri Peach, Mandy Pryse-Jones, Tamsin Salehian, Alma Studholme, Helen Sturgess, Janet Tavener, Jane Theau, Alex Thorby, Ingrid van der Aa, Sandra Winkworth, Basia Zielinska

A North Sydney Council Arts & Culture curated exhibition.




Coal Loader Platform
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

A collaborative site specific installation of 32 umbrellas by 23 artists from Basketry NSW which ties together the values of the Coal Loader Centre of Sustainability, International Women’s Day, the colour ‘red’ and, significantly, basketry. By using a variety of basketry styles, techniques, materials and fibres the 23 artists in Shades of Red have powerfully interwoven the concept that women are resilient, strong, passionate and beautiful individuals who, in a collective milieu, can provide and gain protection, courage and strength through togetherness.


Sally Blackwell, Tamara Bowman, Carolyn Cooper, Liron Cohen, Jillian Culey, Lissa-Jane de Sailles, Desdemona Foster, Flora Friedmann, Marion Gaemers, Nanette Goodsell, Jan Hay, Jan Hook, Glenese Keavney, Brenda Livermore, Lanny Mackenzie, Karen Murray, Trudi Nisbet, Judy Nolan, Meri Peach , Catriona Pollard, Nicole Robins, Pella Shalvey, Kathy Stewart

Project Concept for 'Shades of Red':  Flora Friedmann
Project Co-ordinators:  Flora Friedmann, Glenese Keavney, Brenda Livermore, Meri Peach & Nicole Robins.

Basketry NSW

Basketry NSW Inc is a member based organisation and one of five creative groups based at Primrose Park Arts & Craft Centre, a North Sydney Council cultural facility.



Coal Loader Artist Studio
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
A collaborative installation by 14 members from Primrose Paper Arts who, over the past three months, have worked together to produce large dyed handmade sheets of paper and unique objects for this extraordinary immersive experience. The concept was inspired by Anita Diamant’s book 'The Red Tent' and celebrates important aspects of women’s lives.


Louise Gilchrist, Dinah Beeston, Ang Marynissen, Lydia Fegan, Brenda Livermore, Jill Elias, Claire Brach, Janet Michael, Michelle Day, Rhonda Nelson, Harriet Watts, Mandy Burgess, Syd Pemberton, Bonnie Lipman

Primrose Paper Arts is a member-based organisation and one of five creative groups based at the Centre, a North Sydney Council cultural facility.




Bridget Kennedy Project Space
53 Ridge Street, North Sydney

A group exhibition of new media, found objects & textiles by contemporary artists Anita Larkin, Jenny Pollak and Margarita Sampson, in response to the idea of the ‘Sanguine’. This evocative exhibition is anchored in the body and is a thoughtful, incisive and transcendent response to the colour red.

A selection of Bridget Kennedy Project Space jewellery gallery artists will also be exhibiting a salon style hung wall of red jewellery.

Bridget Kennedy Project Space/Ridge Street Artist in Residency is a North Sydney Council cultural facility.



inTransit Art Space
Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney

'Anahita’s Dream' brings together 5 artists from the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective - Australia including Nazanin Marashian, Sepideh Farzam, Farina Salehi, Azadeh Yaghoubi and Negin Chahoud who have developed new work calling on the Ancient Persian Goddess Anahita for inspiration. Anahita is considered as the 'Persian Aphrodite' and patron of women. She is goddess of fertility, protector of the waters, of animals, and goddess of war. She represents all aspects of life and death – the mother, the lover, the protector and destroyer. Anahita’s Dream recalls the power, beauty and sovereignty of this ancient goddess through classic and contemporary symbolism. This exhibition coincides with Norouz, the Persian New Year celebration linked to the moment of the spring equinox in the lunar calendar, a moment of reverence for the material and spiritual world that takes place as one cycle ends and a new one begins.

Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective, Australia




Inside Outside Sculpture Plinth
Civic Park, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney

A symbolic installation by Ridge Street Artist in Residence Bridget Kennedy referencing ideations of 'woman' using sterling silver, nickel silver, steel, threads, various found and donated beads.

Bridget Kennedy Project Space



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THE RED PROJECT was a North Sydney Council Arts and Culture event.