Bridget Kennedy

Ridge St Artists in Residence Program

Bridget Kennedy Project Space

This project space at 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney is an artist-run initiative.

Directed by Bridget Kennedy (196KB) and supported by Jenny Fahey (59KB), it is an active contemporary jewellery workshop and gallery.

You can experience contemporary jewellery, artists working at the bench, an ongoing exhibition program and free demonstrations on jewellery-making. 


Current Exhibition

In the group exhibition SEA SHAPE, contemporary jewellery artists reflect on our relationship with the sea: what we take out, what we learn, and what we return.

The shape of our seas is changing; our shores are now much more than where land meets sea. Our beaches are a place of return for discarded human made plastics. The devastating effect on sea life is reflected in the amount of plastic ingested by marine life and seabirds. Australia’s relationship with our pacific neighbours is littered with ongoing disputes over resources rights, as well as great floating islands (gyres) of plastic, brought together by ocean currents. The majority of plastic debris in the sea ultimately finds its way into one of the great swirling gyres, the largest of which is the great North Pacific garbage patch. Most of these gyres exist in international waters, which makes clean up no one nation’s responsibility. Curated by Sarah Heyward, artists Anna Davern; Liv Boyle; Emma Grace; Laila Costa; Melinda Young; Pennie Jagiello; Claire Brooks; Laura Eyles and Bridget Kennedy will work with discarded plastics and marine debris but are also invited to work with non-plastic materials in response to the shape of our seas and our relationship with the waters in between Australia and our pacific neighbours.

Located in North Sydney, The Project Space reflects director Bridget Kennedy’s passion for community activation with an ongoing exhibition and workshop program, a commitment to presenting a broad range of jewellery artists, personal mentoring, and her workshop where she makes bespoke jewellery, wedding, engagement and commitment rings.


Claire Brooks 'Plastic Soup' Necklace
Laura Eyles 'Ghost Gum' Earrings
Claire Brooks, Plastic Soup necklace   Laura Eyles, Ghost Gum earrings
Bridget Kennedy brooch 1
Melinda Young 'Natural Unnaturally'
 Bridget Kennedy  Melinda Young, Natural Unnaturally

Bridget Kennedy Project Space/Ridge Street Artist in Residency is a North Sydney Council cultural facility.


More Information

For information regarding the Ridge Street Artist in Residence Program contact the Team Leader Arts & Culture on 9936 8100 or email

The Ridge Street Artist in Residence Program is a North Sydney Council arts and cultural initiative.


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