Bridget Kennedy 'The Fallen' (detail)

Ridge St Artists in Residence Program


Bridget Kennedy Project Space

This project space at 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney is an artist-run initiative,  directed by Bridget Kennedy (196KB) and supported by Jenny Fahey (59KB), and is an active contemporary jewellery workshop and gallery. Here, you can find contemporary jewellery, artists working at the bench, an ongoing exhibition program and free demonstrations on jewellery-making or making it yourself! 


2019 Program

MAY Workshop
Give mum something different this year, the joy of creativity! Have fun learning the techniques of traditional jewellery making, such as annealing, pickling, cutting, forming, cold joining, jump ring making, and texturing, and walk away with a beautiful sterling silver pendant or pair of earrings. Sunday 19 May 10am-4pm. Check website for cost and details.


Tracey Clement 'Salt experiments'Salt Experiments- by Tracey Clement
8 May - 1 June
Salt Experiments by Tracey Clement highlights the loss of flora in Australia since colonisation and are the remnants of a four-year-long investigation into the properties of salt and its collision with mild steel. These experiments were conducted in the realm of art, rather than science, but they still offer valuable knowledge. Specifically, they highlight the important fact that nature is a resilient and powerful force that does not do our bidding. I’ve completed my material investigation, but the experiments themselves are ongoing. They continue to react and change without any input from me, an apt and humbling metaphor for our relative insignificance in the greater scheme of things.


Image: Tracey Clement, Salt Experiments (detail), 2017, salt, mild steel, laboratory glass, cotton., dimensions variable. Photo: T. Clement


The Fallen - by Bridget Kennedy
8 May - 1 June

“This series began in response to a personal experience. When my parent’s family home was bought out by a local coal mining company in the Lower Hunter Valley (who were strip-mining the land beneath), part of the agreement was that they must not re-purchase in the area, not disclose the purchase price, and resign from the local progress association. It was also the time of an Australian Federal election campaign. The work explores this time of troubles and the destructive weight we have imposed on our poor planet. By using coal and bitumen, petroleum- based products, instead of diamonds and precious materials, I question our value of precious. Whilst this floor work uses the ‘circling’ of the necklace, the resulting work moves beyond the confines of the body, into the larger 3-dimensional space. It consists of a ‘string’ of 48 of the 159 flora listed as extinct in Australia since white colonization. Although made 10 years ago, it seems nothing much has changed. We have yet more coal and coal seam gas mines that form a blot on our landscape, and possibly more flora have become extinct”.


Bridget Kennedy 'The Fallen A Blot on the Landscape'

Image: Bridget Kennedy, The Fallen, 2008, bitumen, plaster, dimensions variable. Photo: B. Kennedy


In the Moment, and in the Cabinet (of Curiosities) - by Szilvia Gyorgy
6 – 29 June 2019

 “I want to be truthful to the materials I am working with, and would like the piece to reflect the joy of making. I have always been drawn to the Eastern Sensibilities of traditional and contemporary art, especially ceramic art. As a Westerner my traditions are much closer to the Bauhaus, than anything else.These pieces are telling the tales of enjoying the immediacy of working with clay, while form follows function.” – Szilvia Gyorgy

Szilvia Gyorgy 'Three Tea Bowls in White-Small'

Bridget Kennedy Project Space/Ridge Street Artist in Residency is a North Sydney Council cultural facility.


More Information

For information regarding the Ridge Street Artist in Residence Program contact the Team Leader Arts & Culture on 9936 8100 or email

The Ridge Street Artist in Residence Program is a North Sydney Council arts and cultural initiative.


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