Project 2060: Homeward Bound

Celebrating Creativity in North Sydney



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Arts & Culture North Sydney presented a series of small to large scale exhibitions throughout March 2021, showcasing installation, sculpture, new media, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, textiles, basketry, paper making and contemporary jewellery across 5 Council venues.


In celebration of the rich creative activity across the North Sydney area, Arts & Culture North Sydney invited artists and groups who contribute to Council’s broad range of arts programs to participate in a major collaborative curatorial initiative titled Project 2060: Homeward Bound. The aim of the project was to showcase the breadth of individual and collective creativity in the region, whilst presenting a timely opportunity for the arts sector to share the many and varied stories about their remarkable resilience as our cultural ‘gate keepers’ amidst a time of monumental change.

During COVID19, there was a significant shift in the way we engaged, interacted and connected with our surrounds and each other. It has been a time of extraordinary flux where we have been forced to re-negotiate the spaces and places we inhabit. Our everyday routines, patterns and behaviours have been challenged, marking a loss for some but a gain for others. Within this change, ideations of the ‘home’ have altered and the boundaries between work, home and play blurred. This recent phenomenon has brought a myriad of unexpected outcomes, changing the way we think, live and connect forever.

The artists invited to participate in the project responded to the curatorial theme with great enthusiasm as it presented a unique opportunity to articulate how they have coped during these challenging and unprecedented times. For some of the artists the notion of ‘home’ has brought a sense of solace and comfort, expressed through the re-creation of the often ‘familiar’ and ‘ubiquitous’ aspects of the domestic realm, whilst others have spoken to an urgent need to nurture relationships within the family, friends and community. Some artists have reflected on their connection to nature with an emphasis on our collective responsibility as ‘environmental caretakers’, whilst others have turned to the humorous, whimsical and absurd to comment on our complex relationship with the world around us.





10 – 21 March, 10am – 5pm

Coal Loader Tunnel 1 / 26 Chambers

Coal Loader, 2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton



43 artists and 6 groups working across a range of media including installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, textiles, basketry, paper making and new media responded to the curatorial theme with great inventiveness to transform the otherwise empty underground chambers and tunnel 1 into a series of interactive and immersive spaces.

The Council curated exhibition of works by local artists and arts groups who have contributed to Arts & Culture North Sydney creative programs, takes the viewer on a marvellous journey into the strange and familiar realms of the domestic, navigating through the serious, humorous, quirky and intrinsic to reveal our many relationships with  the ‘home’, each other and beyond in the ‘new normal’.





Alex Thorby, Alma Studholme, Ana Young, Anne Numont, Annette Galstaun, Basia Zielinska, Beth Radford, Bernadette Facer, Bridget Kennedy, Daniel Kim, Debbie Mackinnon, Denese Oates, Emily Crockford, Frances O'Rourke, Gabrielle Bates, Gloria Florez, Guy Fredericks, Ingrid Morley, Jane Theau, Janet Tavener, Kathie Najar, Katie Louise Williams, Katrina Brennan, Mathew Calandra, Michelle Arnott, Michele Morcos, Mike Staniford, Paul McDonald, Phillip Sidney, Philippa Hagon, Rhonda Pryor, Sally Aplin, Sandra Winkworth, Shahroud Ghahani, Susanna Chen Chow, Tamsin Salehian, Terhi Hakola, Thom Roberts, Tianli Zu, Tilly Lees, Tina Fox, Toshiko Oiyama, Victoria Aktinson



Basketry NSW, Primrose Paper Arts, Primrose Park Photography, Studio A, Textiles Sydney, untethered fibre artists








10 – 21 March, 10am – 5pm

Coal Loader Artist Studio

Coal Loader, 2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton



In 2020 Arts & Culture North Sydney invited local children to play the much-loved guessing game ‘I Spy’ and create an artwork about their homes and the world around them. Over 100 budding artists created artworks for the I Spy with My Little Eye children’s online art exhibition, offering a glimpse into the many ways our kids see their place in this time of great change.

Mix and Match City: Animal Kingdom
by artist Tracey Clement was a playful and thought-provoking art installation developed in response to the on-line art exhibition. Tracey created a wondrous mini metropolis consisting of unique handmade dwellings decorated with portraits of animals, both real  and imaginary. Some are inspired by drawings made by the kids, others have been made by members of the public, young and old, who were invited to participate.

According to the artist, “Mix and Match City: Animal Kingdom is a utopian vision of a shared space; a city full of trees in which Australia’s native fauna thrives. Here hundreds of koalas and kangaroos find room in the metropolis. They are represented by mini-murals on the walls of the little buildings, alongside portraits of the domestic pets and imaginary creatures we love so much.”





25 February – 29 March, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

inTransit Art Space

Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney


Studio A artists Lauren Kerjan, Catherine McGuiness, Meagan Pelham, Lisa Scott and Phillip Sidney used their individual style and creativity to bring their favourite birds to life in this exhibition of bold and expressive ‘bird portraits’. Working with mixed media including pastel, acrylic, textile and soft sculpture, this exuberant exhibition depicted birdlife and their individual curious natures, and the unique symbiotic relationship between artist and bird.

Studio A is a supported studio based in Crows Nest that tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists. The enterprise paves professional pathways for such artists so that they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.  It offers the mainstream arts sector access to new artists opportunities for unique collaborations.






10 – 27 March, Wednesday to Friday 11am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm

Bridget Kennedy Project Space

53 Ridge Street, North Sydney


Bridget Kennedy Project Space Artist in Residence, Regina Krawets, presents an exhibition of contemporary jewellery that subverts our perceptions of the traditional creative pursuits of crochet, embroidery and stitching. The series of beautifully handmade wearable art objects consists of delicate brooches, finely detailed earrings and an oversized decorative neck piece incorporating crochet, felted wool, embroidery, sterling silver and LDPE plastic. While the larger work plays with form and scale, it also serves to provide warmth and bring comfort referencing our more recent attempts to seek the stress relieving salve of creativity through a return to the simple and repetitive act of crochet and stitching.

According to the artist “when you think of textiles words like comforting, cosy, warm and enveloping come to mind. Things we’ve all sought during the past year of anxiety and isolation. The meditative practice of stitching and counting stitches helped relieve our anxiety as well as filled the many hours of solitude, giving those of us too unmotivated to learn a new language something to show for a day spent at home”.

Bridget Kennedy Project Space & Artist in Residency is an Arts & Culture North Sydney Program






16 February -  6 April 

Inside Outside Sculpture Plinth

Ted Mack Civic Park, Miller Street, North Sydney



In 2020 artist Minka Gillian developed a body of work for a solo exhibition titled Mind Garden resulting in the creation of an intriguing installation that funnels the viewer into the internal world of the artist. Mind Garden 4 is a selection of these beautifully detailed sculptural works that transform the contained glass exhibition plinth into a magical, almost terrarium type world of intrigue, colour and ‘life’. The series of biomorphic sculptures invite the viewer to consider our close relationship with nature and the connection of disparate objects to each other.

According to the artist “I use materials for their sensual and flexible qualities as well as the embedded stories in found objects. I like to challenge myself by using ugly or cheap materials and elevating them into works of beauty. My sculptures are hand woven structures that transform everyday prosaic materials into biomorphic objects of beauty and intrigue. Through the process of making I am sometimes guided by the materials as if they have their own life and will. The final sculptures are rarely how I planned them but much more complicated than I could initially visualise. I reference nature and human anatomy in a broad sense but also try to imbue my sculptures with my own personal stories of my life”.


The exhibiting artists and groups have participated in a range of Arts & Culture North Sydney creative programs including Primrose Park Artist Studios, Alfred Street Artist Studios, Coal Loader Artist in Residence Program, Bridget Kennedy Project Space & Artist in Residence Program, tutors from the Creating Wellbeing Program, members of Primrose Paper Arts, Basketry NSW, Primrose Park Photography, Textiles Sydney, previous winners of the North Sydney Art Prize and a selection of artists from key North Sydney creative enterprises including Studio A, Contact Sheet, meArt Space and the untethered fibre artists.


For information contact Alison Clark, or phone 9936 8100


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