Schools and Preschools


Preschools provide an educational program for children aged 3-5 years, during school hours and in school terms.

Children generally take their own lunch and snacks and the program provided can be between 2-5 days per week.

Further information on Preschools can be found in the online North Sydney Children's Services Guide.



North Sydney has a diversity of schools in the area including government, selective and independent schools. 

For a full list of primary schools and high schools in the North Sydney area download the Schools in North Sydney brochure (655KB) or search the online Community Directory (specific searches below).

Contact the NSW Department of Education on 1300 679 332 for further details or view the NSW Department of Education website.


Before and After School Care

For parents working full-time and requiring care for children outside of school hours, the primary school your child is attending should be able to help with information.

Further details are also available on the online North Sydney Children's Services Guide (specific searches below).

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