Schools and Preschools


Preschools provide an educational program for children aged 3 to 5 years, during school hours and in school terms. Children generally take their own lunch and snacks and the program provided is usually 2 - 3 days per week.

Further information on Preschools can be found in the North Sydney Children's Services Guide and the online Community Directory (see below). Preschools are licensed by the NSW Department of Community Services.  



North Sydney has a diversity of schools in the area including government, selective and independent schools. Cammeraygal High School opens in 2015, a public comprehensive school for years 7-10, serving the local catchment area around North Sydney and Waverton. Contact the NSW Education Department for further details.

For a full list of North Sydney Primary Schools and High Schools in the area download the relevant brochure under related documents listed below or click on the relevant links to the online Community Directory. Publications to assist in choosing a school can be purchased from most newsagencies.

Contact the Department of Education and Training for further details and to find your public school catchment area:

Department of Education and Training
Northern District Office
Phone: (02) 9886 7000
Website (see below)


Before and After School Care

For parents working full-time and requiring care for children outside of school hours, the Primary School your child is attending should be able to help with information. Further details are also available on the online Community Directory (see below).

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