We are proud to assist you in the final steps to becoming an Australian citizen.

We hold the ceremony here at Council in our Hutley Hall.


Ceremonies 2019

Saturday  26 January 6pm Independent Theatre 
Wednesday  27 February 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday  13 March 6pm Hutley Hall  
Thursday 28 March 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 24 April 6pm Hutley Hall (CANCELLED)
 Wednesday 8 May 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 22 May 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 12 June 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 24 July 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 21 August  6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 28 August 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 11 September 6pm Hutley Hall
 Wednesday 25 September  6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 9 October 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 20 November 6pm Hutley Hall
Wednesday 11 December 6pm Hutley Hall


I have received my letter of approval, how soon can I go to the ceremony?

The application process is lengthy and a waiting time of up to three to six months can occur between your approval and your ceremony. The Dept of Home Affairs (DHA) sends you a letter of invitation telling you the date and time of your ceremony.

Do I need to attend a ceremony to receive my certificate?

Yes, attending your Citizenship Ceremony is compulsory. Candidates need to make their Pledge in order to validate their citizenship and receive their certificate

Where are the ceremonies held?

In the Hutley Hall at North Sydney Council, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney.

How long does the Citizenship Ceremony take?

It generally takes from 45 mins to 1 hour. All candidates must arrive 30 mins before the ceremony so they can register and obtain their seat number. Light refreshments are provided for all candidates and their guests afterwards.

What do I need to bring to the ceremony?

Please bring your invitation letter from the DHA to assist with identification, as well as current Australian photo identification such as a Driver’s Licence or passport. If you do not have photo identification please bring at least three documents bearing your name, address and signature. Examples include bank statements, credit cards or bills.

These documents are also required as proof of identification by the Australian Electoral Commission, whose representatives will be present at the ceremony, to allow you to vote in Australian elections.

Can I bring guests along to the ceremony?

Yes. Candidates are seated together and your guests sit in a separate area. Space is limited, so please invite only a few guests to your ceremony.

Do children need to attend Citizenship Ceremonies?

Children aged 16 years and under are not legally required to attend the ceremony, though they are welcome to attend and participate where possible. If a child does not attend the parent whom the child is registered under can collect the certificate on their behalf at the ceremony.

I have children who are not becoming Australian citizens at this ceremony, where do they sit?

You should make arrangements for them to sit with your guests. The children cannot sit with you, as you are allocated seats with other Candidates.

Can photos be taken during the ceremony?

Yes. Friends and family are welcome to take photos before, during and after the ceremony.

Are there facilities for the elderly, children’s prams or those with a disability?

Yes. The ceremony is conducted in the Hutley Hall which can be accessed by a ramp from the carpark at the rear of the main building. Please contact us if you need to 9936 8207.

Who can I contact with further questions?

For information on eligibility and how to apply to be an Australian citizen, please contact the DHA citizenship info line on 131 880 or visit