Marriage Equality

At its meeting on 26 June 2017 Council resolved:


1. THAT, consistent with:

i) North Sydney Council's Community Strategic Plan Direction 4: Our Social Vitality, specifically Item 4.2 Community is diverse; 4.2.2 Celebrate diversity within the community, and,

ii) North Sydney Council's Charter, specifically:

"We will strengthen bonds in our community and give more recognition and support to our social and cultural diversity",

North Sydney Council support the Australian Marriage Equality campaign.


2.  THAT Council write to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign with a copy of this resolution.

Letter to Marriage Equality Campaign (54KB)


3.  THAT Council write to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and our local Federal Member, Mr Trent Zimmerman, with a copy of this resolution.

Letter to the Prime Minister (123KB)  

Letter to the Leader of the Opposition (123KB)

Letter to Federal Member, Mr Trent Zimmerman (124KB)

Posted on 15 August 2017

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