Positively Remarkable People Photographic Project

Ending Violence Against Women


Photographer Diane Macdonald has created a photographic exhibition focusing on people who are committed to bringing an end to all forms of gender-based violence. This collection of photographic portraits and stories are of some of the individuals and groups based in Sydney.

"Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. Its impact ranges from immediate to long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls, including death. It negatively affects women's general well-being and prevents women from fully participating in society".



A selection of these portraits is currently on display at North Sydney Council Chambers in the 'Linkway' near Customer Service Centre


Who is involved in Positively Remarkable People: Ending Violence against Women?

The people involved in this project include men as well as women, small groups as well as individuals, victims as advocates, people from indigenous and immigrant communities, lawyers, academics, artists, activists, students, counsellors, doctors, nurses, playwrights, criminologists, sociologists, film-makers, refugees. These are all people engaged in the fight to end violence against girls and women, reflecting the growing awareness and commitment to action in Sydney. People involved in the project include:

1. Alex Davis, Solicitor, Women’s Legal Services NSW

2. Aminata Conteh-Biger, Survivor, Refugee and Spokesperson

3. Ashlee Donohue, Advocate

4. Associate Professor Nesrin Varol, Gynaecologist

5. Betty Green, Women’s Advocate

6. Bilal El Hayek, Bankstown PCYC

7. Brent Sanders, Author, Mentor and Executive Coach

8. Carol Angir, Senior Program Co-ordinator Addressing VAW, ActionAid

9. Carolyn Frohmader, Executive Director, Women with Disabilities Australia

10. Catherine Want, Child Sexual Assault Counsellor

11. Chris Burke, Puppeteer

12. Dale Tolliday OAM, Clinical Advisor

13. Deng Adut, Former Child Soldier and Witness

14. Dixie Link-Gordon, Aboriginal Activist

15. Dr Eman Sharobeem, Director of Immigrant Women’s Health Service

16. Dr Michael Salter, Criminologist

17. Dr Phil Lambert, Education Leader

18. Flavia Abdurahman, Video Journalist

19. Genna Hayes, Film-maker and Actor

20. Greg Yee, Relationship Counsellor

21. The Hon Helen Westwood AM MLP

22. Jackie Burke, Clinical Director, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

23. Jennifer Burn, Director, Anti-Slavery Australia

24. Juliana Nkrumah, Police Liaison Officer

25. Karen Willis OAM, Director, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

26. Leeann Smith, Domestic Violence Liaison Officer

27. Libby Davies, CEO White Ribbon

28. Libby Watson, Social Worker

29. Linda George, Bilingual Community Worker

30. Lorna McNamara, Director, Education Centre against Violence

31. M, Prosecution Witness

32. Maha Abdo OAM, Executive Officer, United Muslim Women Association Inc

33. AC Mark Murdoch, NSW Police

34. Ming Yu, Human Rights Campaigner

35. Moo Baulch, CEO, Domestic Violence NSW

36. Nigel Vagana, Player Welfare and Education Manager, NRL

37. Nina Funnell, Advocate, Advisor and Author

38. Olivia Wellesley-Cole, Aid Protection Officer

39. Patricia Garcia, Humanitarian Aid Worker

40. Patrick Moore, Founder, One Billion Stronger

41. Professor Moira Carmody, Expert on sexual assault prevention education

42. Rebecca Barry, Filmmaker, I am a Girl

43. Ros Horin, Playwright

44. Sean McDermott, Inspector Manager DV Team (Police)

45. Susan Kendall AM, Sexual Assault Counsellor

46. Susan Smith, Solicitor

47. Virginia Mackay, YWCA NSW Manager, Young Parents Program

48. Professor Anthony Zwi, Jo Spangaro and team, Intimate Partner Violence Research Project

49. Human Trafficking Team, Australian Federal Police

50. Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program Team