Road Safety Calendar 2018

North Sydney Council is delighted to announce the 2018 Road Safety Calendar is now available.

This new calendar uses a blend of retro images and humour to convey some serious road safety messages.

It uses a fresh and stylish approach to explaining road safety rules in a way that will end forever those dinner party arguments.

The calendar also lifts the lid on impact speed/braking times for wet and dry conditions that will make you sit up and take notice.

Plus, there’s a definitive explanation of mobile phone use and emergency contact numbers.

Month-by-month topics covered are:

  • January: Roundabouts - A simple guide on how to use a roundabout.

  • February: Sharing the road - Explains some exemptions for drivers when sharing the road with cyclists.

  • March: Inside car safety - Ways of keeping yourself safer in your vehicle when driving.

  • April: Truckies’ wish list - How to drive around heavy vehicles.

  • May: No Parking Zones - What are they for and how do they work

  • June: Life in the bus lane - Understanding what you can and cannot do in Bus Lanes.

  • July: Floodwater dangers - Advice on driving around flooded roads.

  • August: Shared pathways - How to use a shared pathway safely.

  • September: Merging - How to merge safely with other vehicles on the road.

  • October: Driveway safety - A reminder to check before exiting or entering driveways.

  • November: Distracted pedestrians - A reminder to be responsible for yourself when crossing the road.

  • December: Buckle up your precious cargo - Advice on car seat restraints.

The 2018 Road Safety Calendar is a collaboration of Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Northern Beaches, North Sydney, Ryde and Willoughby Councils.

It is available FREE for road users of all ages from Customer Service, Stanton Library and various community locations. 

Or contact our Road Safety Coordinator


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