Safety Around Schools

School zones are often chaotic during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times and children are sometimes put at risk.

With the start of each school year and during each term it’s important to reinforce road safety messages around school zones to help reduce congestion at the school gate and improve road safety for students.

North Sydney Council, in partnership with local schools, is working to improve parking, traffic flow and congestion around school zones.

The Safety Around Schools road safety campaign aims to inform parents and carers of the risks children face from speeding and illegal parking around schools, and includes enforcement from council Rangers and local Police.

Road safety information is distributed to participating schools throughout the school year to help reinforce the importance of safety around schools. Details of what is provided to schools can be found below.


Tools for Schools

Safety Town, a useful road safety education resource for teachers, students and families developed by the Centre for Road Safety, is also promoted. It provides a variety of interactive learning activities for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.


Safety Around Schools: Fact Sheets

Understand the signs and what they mean, read up on the rules so you can stay safe, and take home some key messages:

School Safety factsheet 1 (290KB)
School Safety factsheet 2 (694KB)
School Safety factsheet 3 (331KB)
School Safety factsheet 4 (539KB)


Road Safety Newsletter

A newsletter is distributed during term to local primary schools focusing on different road safety issues and information pertinent to school zones. They remain relevant, check them out:

Term 2 2021 (746KB)
Term 1 2021 (1MB)
Term 4 2020 (667KB)
Term 3 2020 (675KB)
Term 1 2020 (1MB)
Term 4 2019 (864KB)
Term 3 2019 (1MB)
Term 2 2019 (694KB)
Term 1 2019 (597KB)
Term 4 2018 (774KB)
Term 3 2018 (752KB)
Term 2 2018 (766KB)
Term 1 2018 (675KB)



Kiss and Drop Flag Banners - for use in Kiss and Drop (No Parking) zones. The colourful ‘Kiss’n’Drop’ flags were designed to highlight these zones and, together with education, encourage safe and proper use of these zones.




Parking Safely Around Schools brochure (5MB)  - outlines the different parking signs and drop-off/pick-up zones found around schools and the rules associated with them as well as other road rule reminders.





Road Rule Reminder corflutes – outline different road rules and parking signs, are A1 in size and are for school fences.



Road Safety Vinyl Banners - feature different road safety messages and can be hung on school fences.




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