Did you know the default speed limit on most local roads is 50 km/h - and has been since 2003?


North Sydney with Lane Cove and Willoughby Councils' current speed campaign is designed around that - ‘It's Local. It's 50!’

We ask drivers if they are ‘strong enough to drop & give us fifty’.

Retro-style comic figures and humorous approach emphasise safety as a strength.

The campaign's target group is males 21-39 who make up the greatest number of casualties in speed related crashes.


The Stats

Statistics from all three Council areas shows a disturbing number of crashes on roads, including a high number of casualty accidents. In the five-year period 2012-2016:

  • there were 2,312 crashes;

  • 20 were fatalities and 2,292 included serious, moderate and minor injuries;

  • The highest proportion of crashes also occurred in the 50km/h zones, with North Sydney accounting for 44% of all crashes; Lane Cove accounting for 42% of all crashes, and Willoughby accounting for 45% of all crashes;

  • males made up the highest proportion of driver casualties with 63% of total casualties in North Sydney; 61% in Lane Cove and 60% in Willoughby;

  • Speeding was also the greatest contributing factor for all crashes, with the highest proportion being males 21-39 years of age;

  • North Sydney and Willoughby Council’s both had speeding as a factor in 10% of all crashes while Lane Cove had 14% of crashes involving speed. This accounted for a total of 383 crashes across the three Council areas.

It’s Local. It’s 50! Speed Campaign aims to:

  • Change behaviour, especially young male drivers 21-39 years, in regards to the perception and acceptability of speeding within local 50 km/h areas.

  • Promote & instil a sense of responsibility on drivers, in general, to do the right thing and go 50 km/h on our local roads.

  • Raise awareness of the default 50km/h speed limit on all local roads.

  • Decrease the incidents of crashes on our roads. 

While we seek to empower the male driver in a battle of ‘strength’ against speeding through this Campaign, the broader message is for everyone…

"Strong enough to drop and give us 50?"

It’s Local. It’s 50!


More Information

Contact: Road Safety & Sustainable Transport Coordinator 9936 8246

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