Community Forum

North Sydney Council has an open government policy and widely consults the community on all initiatives.

One way that Council involves the community is through Community Forums - public meeting held annually in each ward.

The forums, hosted by the Mayor and General Manager, give residents and businesses the opportunity to meet elected representatives and senior Council staff, hear about local projects and relevant council issues and ask questions. The forums run under a set of Community Ward Forum Protocols (86KB).

To find your ward refer to: Wards Maps


Ward Forum Program - suspended from 2016 onwards

The first Ward Forum for 2016 was scheduled to be held in the Tunks Ward on 15 March 2016, however the Program was postponed due to the redirection of the limited staff resources to more urgent matters that include a number of unplanned significant consultations as well as the planned major consultation regarding transport and parking (LATM).


Past Forums

Ward Q&A Summary Forum presentation

Cremorne 2013 Q&A (183KB)

Cremorne 2012 Q&A (173KB)

Cremorne 2011 Q&A (197KB)

Cremorne 2010 Q&A (36KB)

Cremorne 2014 Presentation (10MB)

Cremorne 2013 Presentation (4MB)

Cremorne 2012 Presentation (7MB)

Cremorne 2011 Presentation (3MB)

Cremorne 2010 Presentation (4MB)


Tunks 2014 Q&A (373KB)

Tunks 2013 Q&A (181KB)

Tunks 2012 Q&A (183KB)

Tunks 2011 Q&A (48KB)

Tunks 2010 Q&A (232KB)

Tunks 2014 Presentation (4MB)

Tunks 2013 Presentation (6MB)

Tunks 2012 Presentation (5MB)

Tunks 2011 Presentation (3MB)

Tunks 2010 Presentation (2MB)


Victoria 2015 Q&A (37KB)

Victoria 2013 Q&A (218KB)

Victoria 2012 Q&A (149KB)

Victoria 2011 Q&A (203KB)

Victoria 2010 Q&A (33KB)

Victoria 2015 Presentation (7MB)

Victoria 2014 Presentation (10MB)

Victoria 2013 Presentation (7MB)

Victoria 2012 Presentation (1MB)

Victoria 2011 Presentation (4MB)


Wollstonecraft 2015 Q&A (178KB)

Wollstonecraft 2014 Q&A (210KB)

Wollstonecraft 2013 Q&A (191KB)

Wollstonecraft 2012 Q&A (41KB)

Wollstonecraft 2011 Q&A (38KB)

Wollstonecraft 2010 Q&A (229KB)

Wollstonecraft 2015 Presentation (8MB)

Wollstonecraft 2014 Presentation (4MB)

Wollstonecraft 2013 Presentation (19MB)

Wollstonecraft 2012 Presentation (4MB)

Wollstonecraft 2011 Presentation (3MB)

Wollstonecraft 2010 Presentation (2MB)