Community Ward Forums

The forums are held annually - one forum per Ward - but are temporarily suspended.

They are hosted by the Mayor and General Manager, and give residents and businesses the opportunity to meet elected representatives and senior Council staff, hear about local projects and relevant council issues, and ask questions... find your Ward:

Tunks Ward (584KB)

Victoria Ward (496KB)

Wollstonecraft Ward


Background to the Forums

Community Ward Forums were established in 2008/09 as a complementary community engagement program to the Precinct System, in-line with Council's Open Government Policy. After a hiatus from 2016, Council at its meeting of 26 August 2019 (Min. No. 255) resolved:

  1. THAT Council bring back the Ward Forums that were last held in 2015.
  2. THAT Council reinstate the Ward Forums as per the previous conditions once per year.
  3. THAT the main objective of the Ward Forums is to engage with the broadest range of individuals and businesses as possible and target those that are not currently engaged with Council.
  4. THAT an engagement/promotion plan be established in order to achieve the above and the result be assessed and further reported to Council after 6 months.
  5. THAT Council work with the Precincts as to the timing and content.
  6. THAT Council hold the re-instated Ward Forums before the end of the 2019 calendar year.



Cremorne 2014 Presentation (10MB)   -  

Cremorne 2013 Presentation (4MB)   -   Cremorne 2013 Q&A summary (183KB)

Cremorne 2012 Presentation (7MB)   -   Cremorne 2012 Q&A summary (173KB)

Cremorne 2011 Presentation (3MB)   -   Cremorne 2011 Q&A summary (197KB)

Cremorne 2010 Presentation (4MB)   -   Cremorne 2010 Q&A summary (36KB)



Tunks 2014 Presentation (4MB)   -  Tunks 2014 Q&A summary (373KB)

Tunks 2013 Presentation (6MB)   -  Tunks 2013 Q&A summary (181KB)

Tunks 2012 Presentation (5MB)   -  Tunks 2012 Q&A summary (183KB)

Tunks 2011 Presentation (3MB)   -  Tunks 2011 Q&A summary (48KB)

Tunks 2010 Presentation (2MB)   -  Tunks 2010 Q&A summary (232KB)



Victoria 2015 Presentation (7MB)   -  Victoria 2015 Q&A summary (37KB)

Victoria 2014 Presentation (10MB)   -  

Victoria 2013 Presentation (7MB)   -  Victoria 2013 Q&A summary (218KB)

Victoria 2012 Presentation (1MB)   -  Victoria 2012 Q&A summary (149KB)

Victoria 2011 Presentation (4MB)   -  Victoria 2011 Q&A summary (203KB)

Victoria 2010 Q&A summary (33KB)  



Wollstonecraft 2015 Presentation (8MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2015 Q&A summary (178KB)

Wollstonecraft 2014 Presentation (4MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2014 Q&A summary (210KB)

Wollstonecraft 2013 Presentation (19MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2013 Q&A summary (191KB)

Wollstonecraft 2012 Presentation (4MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2012 Q&A summary (41KB)

Wollstonecraft 2011 Presentation (3MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2011 Q&A summary (38KB)

Wollstonecraft 2010 Presentation (2MB)   -   Wollstonecraft 2010 Q&A summary (229KB)