Biodegradable dog tidy bags?

Should Council switch to new biodegradable bags?

North Sydney Council has been providing dog tidy bags in many of its parks for several years to encourage responsible dog ownership, help preserve the local amenity, and reduce water pollution.

The bags Council has been supplying are degradable, meaning that they break down quicker than normal bags into smaller pieces of plastic. But there has been a recent growth in understanding the detrimental impacts of micro plastic pieces, and as a result North Sydney is joining many other councils in looking at compostable and truly biodegradable alternatives.

Now, Council is trialling bags made from waste corn that in time will compost even in a home compost.

This means less plastic is produced, and less plastic will end up in our environment. Unfortunately it still takes a long time for biodegradable bags to break down and if they end up in our waterways they still are a major threat to marine life so it’s important to always dispose of the bags properly in a bin.

Truly biodegradable bags like this are more expensive.

We want to know if you think we should switch to them anyway to help keep our parks and waterways plastic free?

Tell us what you think!


Feedback closes on 31 March 2017.