Guidelines & Overview

North Sydney Community Precinct System

North Sydney Council is committed to the principles of 'Open Government' through ongoing communication and consultation.

In line with this approach, Council established the 'Community Precinct System', in the late 1970s, encouraging residents, workers, students and property owners to take an active role in providing input into the operations of Council.

Precinct Committees are run by residents and are advisory.

Precinct meetings are open forums which anyone can attend and consult on a range of community issues. The meetings are one avenue for informing Council of community opinion and maintaining two-way communications between community members and Council staff and Councillors. Individual Precinct Committee comments/actions are responded to and considered by Council in its statutory decision making role. Precincts also encourage social interaction within the local community by coordinating events.

To begin with, you can find your local Precinct area on this map (151KB).

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All Precinct Committees in the North Sydney local government area operate under:

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This is the official site of the North Sydney Precinct System. Other websites may provide information about Precinct Committees within North Sydney, however they do not express the views of Council, for they are the views of the individuals who create and maintain those sites.


Precinct System Review 2019 

On 4 December 2017, the Council unanimously resolved:

  1. THAT Council revisit the North Sydney Precinct Report presented to Council in December 2012. Can the report be updated to reflect any details that need to be adapted to ensure this is a current and relevant document.
  2. THAT Council look at and evaluate again referring to the 2012 report.

(Further information about the 2019 Review will be provided here in due course.)


The Precinct System is periodically reviewed. The most recent review was undertaken in 2012/13, in two phases:


Stage One

Included public exhibition (13 December 2012 - 17 April 2013) of a Discussion Paper:

Precinct System Discussion Paper (4MB)

This recommended improvements to the structure aimed at increasing awareness and participation, and a greater level of support to office bearers by better utilisation of Council resources. It proceeded on the assumption that the Precinct System should largely continue with little change to its fundamental role. In particular, the assumption was made that any new or reformed Precinct area would continue to operate according to already established geographic boundaries where appropriate.

Many of the its recommendations were not new. Some had been suggested through previous reviews, and were explored at the time but found not to be suitable and/or not pursued; such recommendations were suggested again for consideration within current factors, such as resources and satisfaction levels.

Consultation was undertaken with active Precinct Committees and the general public through written submissions. Meetings were held with Precinct Committees who requested to meet with Council staff during the exhibition period.

Council received 19 written submissions, of which:

  • 13 (68%) were from active Precinct Committees
  • 1 (5%) was from the Combined Precincts Committee
  • 2 (11%) were from office bearers of active Precinct Committees which had also made a submission
  • 1 (5%) was from a former office bearer of an inactive Precinct Committee
  • 2 (11%) were from community groups/organisations

The largest amount of feedback and concern received in response to the Discussion Paper was regarding recommendation No.2 which proposed a reallocation of Precinct area boundaries.


Stage Two

The Stage One findings were reported to the Governance Committee, 9 September 2013.

Governance Committee 9 Sep 2013, G11 Precinct System Review - Next Phase (104KB)

In response, Council at its meeting 16 September 2013 resolved (in part) to receive (note) the Precinct System Discussion Paper feedback (Stage One findings) and that no further action be undertaken on the Review.

The report involved three options (proposed for consultation) for the reallocation of Precinct area boundaries. These options were based on feedback received in response to the Discussion Paper as well as (then) current and planned strategic land use across the local government area.

The 2012/13 Review was suspended - further community consultation regarding the recommended actions under Stage Two did not occur.