Beauty, nail, wax, tanning salons

Restrictions for Beauty, nail, waxing and tanning salons have been eased from 1 June 2020. However, to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19,  these businesses are required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan. The plan will detail how the business will keep customers and workers safe.


COVID-19 Safety Plan template

This should be completed in consultation with staff. Or download the same safety plan template here (207KB).

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are available to assist you with your plan. Please call Council during usual business hours on 9936 8100 or any time at and officers can assist you.


Register of all staff, contractors and customers

It is a requirement that a register of all visitors to the site be maintained for at least 4 weeks. Please find a sample template you can use to record details.


COVID-19 Record of visitors template (423KB)

Adherence to your COVID-19 Safety Plan may be checked by an authorised officer at any time. 



Resources to assist your Business

Posters for public display

Information for staff

Posted on 11 June 2020

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