DCP 2013 Amendment


10 June 2022


Amendment to North Sydney Development Control Plan 2013

In accordance with Clause 14(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation, 2021, notice is hereby given of Council’s decision to adopt a new amendment to the North Sydney Development Control Plan (NSDCP) 2013.


At its meeting on 23 May 2022 Council resolved to adopt an amendment to North Sydney Development Control Plan 2013 (NSDCP 2013).


In particular, Section 2 – North Sydney Planning Area to Part C – Area Character Statements to NSDCP 2013 was amended to include provisions that reflect the desired future built form outcomes for East Walker Precinct (173-179 Walker Street & 11-17 Hampden Street).


The amendment to NSDCP 2013 comes into effect on 10 June 2022 following its publication on Council’s website on the same day.

A copy of NSDCP 2013 as amended can be found here.

Posted on 10 June 2022

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