EP&A Act

As of the 1 March 2018, a number of amendments have taken place to the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).

While most changes relate to changes to clause numbering within the Act, there are some processes which have changed.

It’s important to note that the most immediate change is the introduction of state-mandated Local Planning Panels.

These replace Independent Planning Panels established under the previous provisions of the Act.


Councillors can no longer call applications to the panel for determination, with criteria for referral being set by the Minister.


Council is in the process of updating all relevant sections of our website and any related documentation (including forms) which quote the Act.


The full Act can be accessed using the following link:



If you have further questions relating to the implemented changes, please call Council on 9936 8100.

Posted on 13 March 2018

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