Electronic Vehicle Charging

Ten new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed across all of Council’s carparks.

This pilot program is designed to assess the technology and uptake of EVs by the general population.

Each of the chargers that Council has purchased are capable of charging vehicles at a rate of up to 22kw using a three-phase electrical supply.

Additional electronic load-balancing systems have been installed to ensure chargers do not overload the available electrical supply in the buildings, while still supplying as much current as is necessary to charge a customer’s vehicle. 

The system includes an online portal for customers to register and pay for the electricity they use, while also providing Council with data regarding that usage.

The price set for electricity supplied through the chargers is the same as the rate charged to Council.


Look for this signage at a Council carpark next time you visit! 


Posted on 12 July 2019

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