IHO Allister St

First Posted 3 June 2022

In accordance with section 28(1)(d) of the Heritage Act NSW, notice is hereby given that North Sydney Council made Interim Heritage Order No. 2/2022 on 1 June 2022.

Subsequently, the Interim Heritage Order was published in the NSW Government Gazette No. 241 of 3 June 2022 and takes effect from this date.

The Interim Heritage Order applies to the residential flat building located at 15 Allister Street, Cremorne which is legally known as SP 19383.


On 12 July 2013, a Ministerial Order was gazetted which granted authorisation to all local councils in NSW to make Interim Heritage Orders (IHOs) in accordance with s.25 of the Heritage Act 1977 and subject to meeting the conditions listed in Schedule 2 of the Order. 

This authorisation to make an IHO was delegated to Council’s General Manager by Council resolution on 17 March 2014.


The Interim Heritage Order is a temporary measure that prevents the demolition of the building on the subject land and enables Council to undertake a detailed heritage assessment of the property and determine if it should be listed as a Heritage Item under North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013.


A copy of the order can be found on the NSW Legislation website:



Any enquiries should be directed to Jayden Perry, Strategic Planner on 9936 8100.



Posted on 3 June 2022

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