Levy Change will Force Rates Rise

Twenty-three (23) metropolitan councils, including North Sydney, have launched a campaign demanding the NSW Government abandon its plan to divert local government funds into State revenue.

The NSW Government is attempting to take up to half of local government “developer contributions” - the money councils levy developers to help pay for local infrastructure such as playgrounds, sports fields, libraries and parks.

Without these funds, Councils will be forced to either cut funding to these services or raise Council rates. 

North Sydney Council alone would lose more than $96million over ten years and would need to raise rates by 10%, over and above the rate peg, to make up the shortfall.

Read the full Council report on the economic impacts here:

Infrastructure Contributions (3MB)

The councils published an open letter in the Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph on Thursday 16 September, to raise public awareness of the detrimental impact this levy change will have on their communities.



Posted on 16 September 2021

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