New Waste Changes

North Sydney Council’s new waste and recycling collection contract began on 1 July 2019, with some service changes and improvements implemented.

After a full review of the responses from the waste and recycling community consultation, changes have been incorporated into the new contract to improve quality and efficiency.


Household Clean-ups

The Sunday cut-off time for general household clean-up and for green waste clean-up bookings is now 4.00pm Sunday.

The new time change will not affect the schedule or frequency of collections.


New Bins

80L red-lidded wheelie bins will replace the existing 60L carry red-lid bins.

The new 80L wheelie bin will help improve the environmental amenity of North Sydney, and will also improve the waste collection service efficiency which will assist to keep costs down.

The old 60L carry bins have loose lids that often allow litter to escape into the street. The new 80L waste bin will be easier to manoeuvre and is sturdier with an attached lid which will also help Council adhere to WHS requirements for the collection contractors.

The bin delivery and replacement program is a significant logistical operation; old bins will be collected and removed (coming soon) and recycled as part of this project.


Big Bins for Greens

By the way, green Waste bins (240L) are available for purchase here, these bins are preferred for more efficient collections.

(Please do not use a wheely-bin purchased from hardware stores for they are not compatible with truck loading mechanisms and will be rejected.)

Posted on 20 August 2019

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