Parking Patrols

When the current COVID-19 stay at home orders were introduced in June, Council chose to generally focus its parking enforcement on safety issues and concerns. This initiative was put in place to support residents who were complying with the stay-at-home restrictions, and a large portion of people also working from home.

Parking enforcement during this time until now has focused on offences against “red” signs, such as No Stopping, No Parking, Clearways etc, and responding to specific complaints of illegally parked cars.

However, over the last few weeks we have seen an increase in the number of workers returning to their workplace and the North Sydney CBD (particularly workers involved in the building industry). Timed parking areas are being extensively overused by these workers while they are not being patrolled.

From next week, there will be some changes to our parking enforcement to ensure there is equitable access to parking for everyone and enough turnover to support local businesses. This will also ensure that residents are able to quickly access parking in retail areas when they need to pop into a store or medical centre.

From Monday 27 September 2021, the following parking management guidelines will apply to the North Sydney local government area:

  1. All red zone, prohibitive parking and safety offences will continue to be infringed immediately when observed by an authorised officer. No tolerance will be shown for these offences.
  2. For offences where the time limit has been exceeded, officers will show a high degree of tolerance and leniency but drivers are nevertheless expected to comply with the time restrictions. Residents who are working from home can fill out this form if they have received a parking infringement.
  3. For the week commencing Monday 27 September 2021, warnings will be issued in place of infringements for offences where a vehicle has exceeded the time restriction to provide advice to drivers of the expectation of compliance. After this week of warnings, infringements will be issued

Council has decided to undertake these measures after Ranger and Parking Services officers began observing occupancy rates and recording overstays in residential streets that are immediately next to retail areas to see any trends.

In one day, 219 vehicles had overstayed the erected signage for an extensive period and several of the streets were completely occupied.

In the week commencing Monday 13 September, Rangers and Parking Officers also responded to 27 complaints from residents concerning illegally parked cars. This has been a standard number for many weeks now.

An increasing numbers of trades vehicles are also parking in residential areas where developments are occurring. Council wants to make sure that the same parking management rules apply to all areas in the North Sydney Local Government area to ensure consistency. 



Posted on 24 September 2021

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