Renew our libraries

North Sydney votes to Renew Our Libraries

North Sydney Council voted unanimously to support the Renew Our Libraries campaign last week.

Renew Our Libraries is a joint initiative of Local Government NSW and NSW Public Libraries Association and it seeks to increase funding to public libraries in NSW.


Sign the Renew Our Libraries petition here


Each year NSW libraries have more than 35 million visits and they are experiencing increasing demand for their services.

However, the NSW Government has not boosted recurrent funding to match increased demand.

Instead, it cut funding by 5% in the 2018-19 budget released in May this year. Following the budget, Local Government and NSW Public Libraries Association formed Renew our Libraries.

Compared to other Australian states, the NSW Government pays lower library contributions.

NSW Government provides 7.8% of total library funding, compared to Victoria’s 18% and Queensland’s 12%.

Renew Our Libraries advocacy group seeks to:


  1. Double the State Government’s funding contribution to NSW public libraries.

  2. Create a new funding model for NSW public libraries that is sustainable for the long term.

People who value knowledge or use North Sydney Library are encouraged to sign the Renew Our Libraries petition to help build a better future for public libraries across NSW.   

Find out more about Renew Our Libraries at or get involved in building a better future for NSW public libraries.



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