Local Government Job Links

There are many helpful and informative websites that you can use to locate jobs and explore the many career opportunities available within Local Government.


Job Sites

Council Jobs 
Advertises council vacancies to council job seekers, as well as issuing instant and daily job alerts, and publishes the CouncilJobs Weekly email job directory each Monday.

LG Jobs
Directory of jobs where you can subscribe and have email alerts sent to you.

Local Government Appointments
Recruitment Agency specialising in recruitment for Local Government.

LG Net
Local Government Net-Job vacancy site

Council Careers - Jobs in Local Government
Comprehensive site, listing Entry Level, Middle Level and Upper Level Jobs, qualifications required, case studies etc.


Careers in Local Government Sites

New South Wales

Local Government & Shire Association (LGSA) of NSW - LGSA

The main organisation that supports local government activities with information on advocacy and up-to-date news on the sector.


Other States

Local Government Association of South Australia - Shape Your World
Comprehensive site from South Australia which explains career pathways into Local Government from School to Work, from School to Study, Key Role Types etc, apply for Local Government positions in South Australia from one centralised location/database.

Local Government Association of Queensland - LGAQ

Local Government Association of Tasmania - LGAT

Local Government Association WA - Local Exposure
Comprehensive site from Western Australian site lists career paths available, qualifications, duties, opportunities and profiles.