Work Health Safety

North Sydney Council's WHS Policy is designed to prevent injuries happening at work and, in the event of an injury, ensure that the injured employee can return to work as quickly as possible.



To prevent injuries North Sydney Council introduced an up to date WHS Management System.

Our main aim is to ensure that all work operations, substances, plant and equipment are subject to a risk assessment. This enables us to minimise the risks involved in the work by introducing suitable risk control measures.

As part of the principle of continuous improvement, our WHS performance is monitored regularly and new ideas introduced.

Two key initiatives further demonstrate the ongoing commitment to staff safety:

  1. Safety Collaboration Program
    Although it is recognised that a majority of workplace incidents result from a breakdown in the management system, employees share some of this responsibility. The goal of this program is for staff to work collaboratively to reduce the number of injuries through safety observations, communication and shared problem solving. 
  2. Drug & Alcohol Policy & Procedures
    Staff identified the need to review this key safety policy, a project that is now well underway.


Rehabilitation and Return to Work

To cover the eventuality of an injury or illness occurring while at work, North Sydney Council has a comprehensive Return-to-work Program. A Return-to-work Coordinator facilitates the rehabilitation and return-to-work process between the injured or ill employee, their supervisor, the doctor/health practitioner and Council's insurer.

Successful rehabilitation is a team effort - with the management team and our WHS Specialists working together with our employees to ensure their return to work. A number of comprehensive Job Task analysis have been collated to assist in the safe return of injured workers.

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