SRV 2012/13 Application expired


At its meeting of 14 November 2011, Council resolved to apply for a special rate variation for 2012/13.

On 4 June 2012, IPART announced that they had accepted Council's application in full - Council applied for increases of 12.34% in 2012/13, 14.57% in 2013/14, and 5.50% in each year from 2014/15 to 2017/18. These increases include the previously approved special variation of 5.50% for each year, and the continuation of the four expiring levies - Infrastructure, Environment, Crows Nest Mainstreet and Neutral Bay Mainstreet levies.

The 2012/13 application represented an increase of 6.84% in 2012/13 and 9.07% in 2013/14 (16.53% cumulative) above what was approved in 2011/12. However, because ratepayers are already paying the levies, average residential rates will increase by a relatively modest amount.


In June 2011, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) gave North Sydney Council approval to increase its rates by 5.5% per annum for the next seven years (i.e. until 2017/18). However IPART did not approve our request to continue our special levies permanently, because it said we had not sufficiently explained our intention to ratepayers.

Before making its application, Council consulted all ratepayers by writing to them to advise of the proposal. We held public meetings in October 2011 and engaged Woolcott Research to conduct a survey of randomly selected ratepayers on this issue. (For information about the consultation process please refer to the adopted the Community Engagement Strategy (64KB)).

In February 2012 Council reapplied to continue our special levies as part of our general rate income, effective from 1 July 2012. Both residential and business ratepayers currently pay two levies - an Infrastructure Levy and Environment Levy - and these are itemised separately on your rates notice. Selected businesses in Crows Nest and Neutral Bay also currently pay a Mainstreet Levy which contributes to improvement works in these retail areas.


Environment Levy and Infrastructure Levy - presentation 18 and 29 Oct (3MB)
Environment Levy and Infrastructure Levy - Q&A summary 29 Oct (36KB)
Crows Nest Mainstreet Levy - presentation 18 Oct (530KB)
Crows Nest Mainstreet Levy - Q&A summary 18 Oct (21KB)
Neutral Bay Mainstreet Levy - presentation 20 Oct (513KB)
Environment Levy factsheet (552KB)
Infrastructure Levy factsheet (1MB)
Crow Nest Mainstreet Levy factsheet (306KB)
Crows Nest Mainstreet area map (84KB)
Neutral Bay Mainstreet Levy factsheet (264KB)
Neutral Bay Mainstreet area map (62KB)

Proposed Program of Works

Environmental Levy Initiatives 2012-2022 (23KB)
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Environmental Levy Expenditure (20KB)
Infrastructure Levy Expenditure (30KB)

SRV Application and Determination

PDF - IPART Determination 2012/13 (337KB)
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PDF - Presentation to IPART 8 December 2011 (2MB)
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