In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Council has introduced the following changes to the public access to Council meetings:

Council meetings are webcast LIVE, plus the recording is available the next day, access the webcasts online here.

For all enquiries please contact the Governance Coordinator on 9936 8100, or


  • General Manager’s Office
  • GMO01 Matters Outstanding Meeting June 2016 (79KB)
  • GMO02 NSW State Governments Reform Agenda for Local Government Update (5MB)
  • GMO03 MP Report - Local Government Reform (146KB)
  • City Strategy Division
  • CiS01 Amended Delivery Program 2013 2014 - 2016 2017 Post Exhibition (7MB)
  • CiS02 Amended Resourcing Strategy - Post Exhibition (7MB)
  • CiS03 ADDENDUM (995KB)
  • CiS03 Draft DCP Amendment Education Precinct & St Leonards Precincts 2 & 3 Post Exhibition (7MB)
  • CiS04 Ward Street Masterplan (318KB)
  • CiS05 Community Uses on Council Land Study Post Exhibition Report (81MB)
  • CiS06 Regulatory Framework for Events (3MB)
  • CiS07 - Crows Nest Planning Study (3MB)
  • CiS08 Planning Proposal Building Heights (9MB)
  • CiS09 Planning Proposal 31-33 Albany Street, Crows Nest (1MB)
  • CiS10 Economic Development Strategy (4MB)
  • CiS11 Balls Head Coal Loader Wharf - Nomination on State Heritage Register and Application for Interim Heritage Order (8MB)
  • Community and Library Services Division
  • CLS01 Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre Access Works (165KB)
  • CLS02 Adoption of Community Grants and Subsidies 2016-17 (1MB)
  • CLS03 Shorelink Estimates report June 2016 (2MB)
  • CLS04 Library Matters June 2016 (448KB)
  • CLS05 Early Childhood Centre Crows Nest (1MB)
  • CLS06 Youth Army (804KB)
  • CLS07 James Milson Village (171KB)
  • CLS08 NSW Government Grants Agreement 2016-17 (192KB)
  • Corporate Services Division
  • CoS02 Investment and Loan Borrowings (2MB)
  • CoS03 Application for Citizen Membership (150KB)
  • CoS04 NTH SYD Happiness Works Here Research (253KB)
  • CoS05 Cr Workshop - Finance Notes 7 June 2016 (21KB)
  • Engineering and Property Services Division
  • EPS01 Public Domain Upgrade of Mitchell St Plaza (33KB)
  • EPS02 Schedule of Rates for Civil Works (55KB)
  • EPS03 Infrastructure Property and Repair Services (56KB)
  • EPS04 Education Precinct Installation of Lighting (32KB)
  • EPS05 Brett Whiteley Place Upgrade (123KB)
  • EPS06 Education Precinct Napier St & Charles St Public Domain Upgrade (33KB)
  • EPS07 Emergency Lighting Replacement St Thomas Rest Park (923KB)
  • EPS08 Sustainable Transport Reference Group Minutes - 30 May 2016 (544KB)
  • EPS09 Leasing Transactions Summary (570KB)
  • EPS10 North Sydney Public Amenities Strategy & Action Plan-Post Exhibition (9MB)
  • Open Space and Environmental Services Division
  • OSE01 Container Deposit Scheme (42KB)
  • OSE02 Lease from Rail Corporation New South Wales for the Wendy Whiteley Secret Garden (6MB)
  • OSE03 Cunningham Pavilion Upgrade (33KB)
  • OSE04 St Leonards Park Landscape Masterplan (33KB)
  • OSE05 Recreational Needs Study Implementation Plan (824KB)
  • OSE06 Environment Reference Group Minutes - 30 May 2016 (636KB)
Meeting Date
14-Jun-2016 7:00PM
Council Chambers