• General Manager’s Office
  • GMO01 Performance Improvement Order (577KB)
  • GMO02 Fit for the Future update (5MB)
  • GMO03 Matters Outstanding (141KB)
  • Community and Library Services Division
  • CLS01 Community Service Reference Group Minutes Nov 2014 (506KB)
  • CLS02 Crows Nest Centre Plan of Management (37MB)
  • CLS03 Community Use of School Facilities (1MB)
  • CLS04 23 Nicholson Street Wollstonecraft (525KB)
  • CLS05 North Sydney Local Court - Future Uses (47MB)
  • CLS06 Recognition of Prominent Artists in North Sydney (39KB)
  • CLS07 Library Matters November and December 2014 (8MB)
  • CLS08 St Thomas Rest Park Conservation Management Plan (10MB)
  • CLS09 Vivid 2015 - CBD Activation (33KB)
  • Corporate Services Division
  • COS01 Councillor Workshop - Finance Notes Nov 2014 (17KB)
  • COS02 Audit and Risk Committee - Minutes 14 Nov (614KB)
  • COS03 CBD Working Group Minutes - 25 Nov (479KB)
  • COS04 Governance Committee Minutes - 1 Dec (690KB)
  • COS05 Investment Report - October & November 2014 (799KB)
  • COS06 Conduct of the 2016 Local Government Elections (767KB)
  • COS07 125th Anniversary Program (33KB)
  • COS08 Australia Day 2015 - Council Activites (8MB)
  • Engineering and Property Services Division
  • EPS01 Sustainable Transport RG Minutes Report (519KB)
  • EPS02 Traffic Committee 28 November 2014 (621KB)
  • EPS03 Benelong Road Traffic Assessment (1MB)
  • EPS04 St Leonards Park Pedestrian and Cycling Path Feasibility Study (6MB)
  • EPS05 23 2015 Level 1 Fitout Carole Baker Bldg Tender (25KB)
  • EPS06 Stabilisation of Retaining Walls Tender 24-2015 (812KB)
  • EPS07 LED Supply Installation and Maintenance - Tender 25-2015 (1MB)
  • EPS08 Air Conditioning Work for Council Buildings - Contract 72015 (24KB)
  • EPS09 Walker St Public Domain Upgrade Works Tender 22-2015 (20KB)
  • EPS10 33 East Crescent Street Boardwalk (1MB)
  • EPS11 Leasing Transaction Summary (538KB)
  • Open Space and Environmental Services Division
  • OSE01 Sport and Recreation Reference Group Minutes - 24 Nov (625KB)
  • OSE02 Environment Reference Group Minutes - 3 Nov (550KB)
  • OSE03 North Sydney Olympic Pool Coaching Rights Tender (38KB)
  • OSE04 Draft Bushland Plan of Management (568KB)
  • OSE05 Draft Plan of Management for Bradfield Park - Post Exhibition (547KB)
  • OSE06 Fees and Charges Synthetic Surfaces (40KB)
  • OSE07 Adoption of the Bushfire Danger Period Public Access Management Plan 2014 (1MB)
  • OSE08 Management of New Years Eve Celebrations (2MB)
Meeting Date
15-Dec-2014 7:00PM
Council Chambers
Public Forum
Deferral requests should be made in writing, by fax or by email to the General Manager by 3.30pm on the day of the meeting and marked "Urgent for Council Meeting".

Submissions and documents relating to reports on the business paper will be considered if received at Council by 5pm on working day before the meeting (normally the Friday before the Monday meeting). Submissions will be assessed and considered by staff and included in an addendum to the Report which will be available no later than 2pm on the day of the meeting (normally Monday).

Dependent on the circumstances, deferral of the matter may be recommended or an authoritative response given. The addendum will appear on Council's website after 2pm on the day of the meeting and be made publicly available at the meeting by inclusion in the folder of reports located outside the Council Chamber. No written submissions or documentation may be presented at the Council meeting.

Notwithstanding this, written submissions or documentation may be received by resolution of Council. Submissions on documents on public exhibition (such as draft planning instruments) will not be considered or presented to Council after the closing of the exhibition period.