In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Council has introduced the following changes to the public access to Council meetings:

  • The Public Forum is cancelled until further notice.
  • The public gallery will also be closed until further notice.
  • Individuals can provide a written submission on any agenda item by 4pm on the day of the meeting to, which will be provided to the Councillors.

A webcast of the Ordinary Council meetings will be available on the day after the meeting - you can access the webcast online here.

For all enquiries please contact the Governance Coordinator on 9936 8100, or


  • General Manager’s Office
  • GMO01 Matters Outstanding July 2015 (88KB)
  • City Strategy Division
  • CiS01 Woolcott Avenue, Waverton DA79-15 (4MB)
  • CiS02 NSIPP Annual Review (2MB)
  • CiS03 Planning Proposal 27-57 Falcon Street (10MB)
  • CiS04 PP B4 Mixed Use Zone Amendments - Post Exhibition (5MB)
  • CiS05 Re-establishment of Design Excellence Panel (562KB)
  • CiS06 Sydney Metro (694KB)
  • CiS07 Legislative Amendments - Wood Heaters (58KB)
  • CiS08 Addendum - 6-16 Atchsion draft VPA (955KB)
  • CiS08 Draft VPA -6-16 Atchison St, St Leonards (806KB)
  • Community and Library Services Division
  • CLS01 NSC Primrose Park Artist Studios 2015-2016 (37KB)
  • CLS02 North Sydney Entrance Sculpture Commission - Tender 44-15 (47KB)
  • CLS03 Public Art Trail - Development Consent Granted (79MB)
  • CLS04 23 Nicholson Wollstonecraft - Surrender of Lease (1MB)
  • CLS05 CCTV Proposal for Ennis Road to High Street Kirribilli (34KB)
  • Corporate Services Division
  • CoS01 Audit and Risk Committee Minutes - 19 June 2015 (587KB)
  • CoS02 Governance Ctte Minutes - 29 June 2015 (712KB)
  • CoS03 2015 LGNSW Conference - Proposed Issues and Election of Delegates (649KB)
  • CoS04 Renewal of Optus Pty Ltd Fixed and Mobile Contract Review (34KB)
  • CoS05 Youth-Councillor Mentor Program - EOI (31KB)
  • COS06 Investment Report - June 2015 (494KB)
  • CoS07 Loan Borrowings (37KB)
  • CoS08 Final Investigation Report (30KB)
  • CoS09 Review of Investigation Report - Final Report (30KB)
  • Engineering and Property Services Division
  • EPS01 Boardwalk Feasibility Studies (27MB)
  • EPS02 Traffic Cttee Minutes - 12 June 2015 (22MB)
  • EPS03 'Route 2' Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan - Post Exhibtion (634KB)
  • EPS04 Neutral Bay Traffic Study 2015 (8MB)
  • EPS05 Leasing Transactions Summary (633KB)
  • Open Space and Environmental Services Division
  • OSE01 Waverton Peninsula Working Group Minutes - 9 June 2015 (676KB)
  • OSE02 Temporary Shade Cover at NSOP (237KB)
Meeting Date
20-Jul-2015 7:00PM
Council Chambers