In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Council has introduced the following changes to the public access to Council meetings:

  • For details of how to address the Public Forum, please click here
  • Alternatively, individuals can provide a written submission on any agenda item by 4pm on the day of the meeting to, which will be provided to the Councillors.

Ordinary Council meetings are webcast LIVE, plus a recording is made available on the next day - you can access the webcast online here.

For all enquiries please contact the Governance Coordinator on 9936 8100, or


  • General Manager’s Office
  • GMO01 Matters Outstanding March 2016 (79KB)
  • GMO02 Investigation Report - March 2016 (29KB)
  • GMO03 NSW State Governments Reform Agenda for Local Government Update (2MB)
  • GMO04 Presentation of LGNSW Award Cr Reymond (30KB)
  • City Strategy Division
  • CIS01 Draft Amended Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2016-17 (19MB)
  • CiS02 Community Uses Pre-exhibition Report (81MB)
  • Community and Library Services Division
  • CLS01 2015-16 Food Grants Report New and Innovative (207KB)
  • CLS02 Community Grants and Subsidies - Background Report (920KB)
  • CLS03 Community Grants and Subsidies Council 2016-17 (916KB)
  • CLS04 Library Masterplan (15MB)
  • CLS05 Skate Plaza Refurbishment (1MB)
  • CLS06 Social and Affordable Housing Fund (805KB)
  • CLS07 Community Transport contract 2016 (Public) (730KB)
  • CLS08 James Milson Village and Georgian House (848KB)
  • Corporate Services Division
  • COS01 Investment and Loan Borrowings Report - February 2016 (282KB)
  • CoS02 Legal and Planning Committee Minutes 070316 (168KB)
  • CoS03 Review of Code of Meeting Principles and Practices (816KB)
  • CoS04 Cr Workshop - Finance Notes 16 February 2016 (17KB)
  • CoS05 Draft Fees and Charges 2016-17 (3MB)
  • Engineering and Property Services Division
  • EPS01 Addendum NSOP Community Consultation Results March 2016 (131KB)
  • EPS01 North Sydney Olympic Pool Redevelopment Options March 2016 Final (2MB)
  • EPS02 Public Domain Upgrades Report - Project Reprioritisation (333KB)
  • EPS03 Leasing Transaction Summary (701KB)
  • EPS04 Traffic Committee 5 Feb 16 (2MB)
  • EPS05 North Sydney Oval Duncan Thompson Stand Remedial Building Works Tender (171KB)
  • EPS06 North Sydney Oval Grandstands Tender (96KB)
  • EPS07 Supply of Licence Plate Recognition Access Control Equipment Nicholson Street Carpark Contract 28-2016 (154KB)
  • EPS08 Footpath and Stairways - Contract 25-2016 (139KB)
  • EPS09 Nutcote Contract 27 -2016 (126KB)
  • EPS10 Alfred Street Archway - Contract 17-2016 (94KB)
  • EPS11 North Sydney Public Amenities Strategy & Action Plan (7MB)
  • Open Space and Environmental Services Division
  • OSE01 Carradah Park (5MB)
  • OSE02 Hayes Street Beach (4MB)
  • OSE03 Watt Park Access Improvements Tender Public Council Report (100KB)
Meeting Date
21-Mar-2016 7:00PM
Council Chambers