In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Council has introduced the following changes to the public access to Council meetings:

  • The Public Forum is cancelled until further notice.
  • The public gallery will also be closed until further notice.
  • Individuals can provide a written submission on any agenda item by 4pm on the day of the meeting to, which will be provided to the Councillors.

A webcast of the Ordinary Council meetings will be available on the day after the meeting - you can access the webcast online here.

For all enquiries please contact the Governance Coordinator on 9936 8100, or


  • City Strategy Division
  • CiS01 Childcare Centre - 12a Shirley Road, Wollstonecraft (4MB)
  • CiS02 Planning Proposal - 24 Cranbrook Ave, Cremorne (5MB)
  • CiS03 Planning Proposal - 617-621 Pacific Highway, St Leonards (63MB)
  • CiS04 575-583 Pacific Highway, St Leonards VPA (9MB)
  • CiS05 Balls Head Coal Loader Wharf & Complex - Update on State Heritage Register (609KB)
  • CiS06 St Leonards, Crows Nest & Artarmon Priority Precinct (1MB)
  • CiS07 Value Capture Schemes for North Sydney CBD (1MB)
  • CiS08 Food Truck Trial (2MB)
  • CiS09 Smoking in Public Places Policy (582KB)
  • CiS10 Air BnB accommodation in North Sydney LGA (665KB)
  • CiS11 Metro EIS modification submission (1MB)
  • CiS12 Re-establishment of Design Excellence Panel (133KB)
  • CiS13 Innovation - local initiatives and opportunities (116KB)
  • CiS14 North Sydney Transport Strategy Post Exhibition Report (10MB)
  • CiS15 Delivery Program 2016 - Q4 Review.pdf (18MB)
  • CiS16 End of Term 2017 (1MB)
  • CiS17 - ADDENDUM - North Sydney's Transport Future (Campaign) - Engagement Outcomes (23KB)
  • CiS17 North Sydney's Transport Future - engagement outcomes (3MB)
  • Corporate Services Division
  • CoS01 Investment and Loan Borrowings Report (693KB)
  • CoS02 Upcoming Events 2017-18 (55KB)
  • CoS03 Council Mobile Services Review and Re-sign Proposal (46KB)
  • CoS04 2017-18 Rating Structure (59KB)
Meeting Date
24-Jul-2017 7:00PM
Council Chambers