Independent Planning Panel

The NSIPP is a Determining Body, with delegated authority to consider and determine DAs or any other matters referred to it by the General Manager. Refer to the NSIPP Charter for more information about the role of the Panel.

North Sydney Independent Planning Panel Charter (47KB)

Council established the NSIPP at its meeting of 22 July 2013


The agenda will be made available by 5pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

On-site inspections may be carried out on the day of the Panel meeting and at the discretion of the Panel Chair, so Panel members can acquaint themselves with the site and relevant issues. Independent inspections by Panel members are not permitted. Inspections are not open to the public.

Council staff will be available to the Panel for inspections and meetings to answer questions and clarify issues.

Addressing the Panel

Members of the public wishing to address the Panel regarding an agenda item must register by 4pm on the Monday prior to the meeting - contact the Panel Coordinator by phone on 9936 8100 or email

Application to address NSIPP (30KB)

Registered speakers must have already lodged a written submission on the DA they wish to address, or must provide a brief written summary outlining the issues they wish to raise to the Panel Coordinator by also 4pm Monday before the meeting.

All speakers (objector, applicant, or supporter) addressing the Panel may not speak for more than 3 minutes in respect of any one matter before any particular meeting, unless the Panel otherwise permits. Speaker names (first name and surname) will be included in the minutes unless otherwise requested.

The Chairperson opens the meeting and introduces the Panel members. The order of business is set out in the agenda. Copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting and on Council’s website on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

As each item is referred to, the objectors are invited to speak for 3 minutes. The applicant will then be invited to respond. The Panel members may ask questions of the addressees. It is not necessary to repeat information already provided in the report to the Panel.

Once all speakers have addressed the Panel on the item, the Panel will move to the next item on the agenda and continue to receive speakers until all items on the agenda have been addressed. The meeting will then officially close and the Panel will move to a closed session to deliberate and determine each item. Members of the public will not be able to participate in the closed session.

The decisions of the Panel are to be announced in a public session to be held after the closed determination session of the Panel has been concluded. The time of this session is to be made known to the gallery prior to the close of the public hearing.


Determinations and any relevant decision of the Panel shall be made by a majority vote. If votes are tied the Chairperson will have the casting vote. Voting is to be recorded for the public record. The Panel will publish its reasons and conclusions for decisions. Minutes will be available on the next day (Thursday) following the meeting.

Panel Members

The Panel consists of at least four members with experience and qualifications in urban design, architecture, planning or planning law. Panel members include:

  • Jan Murrell - Chairperson
  • Michael Harrison - Member/Alternate Chairperson
  • Ian Pickles - Member
  • Virginia Waller - Community Member
  • Francesca O’Brien - Alternate Community Member
  • Peter Brennan - Alternate Member
  • Grant Christmas - Alternate Member

Meeting dates

Meetings are held in the Council Chambers on the first Wednesday of the month at 2pm.

Below are the meeting dates - click the dates to view the Agendas and Minutes.

6 December 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

1 November 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

4 October 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

6 September 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

2 August 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

5 July 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

7 June 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

3 May 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

5 April 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

1 March 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes

1 February 2017

Agenda, Reports and Minutes