North Sydney Independent Planning Panel

NSIPP is replaced by NSLPP.

On 1 March 2018 the North Sydney Local Planning Panel (NSLPP) replaced the North Sydney Independent Planning Panel (NSIPP).


The NSIPP was a Determining Body, with delegated authority to consider and determine DAs or any other matters referred to it by the GM. The NSIPP has been replaced as of 1 March 2018 by the NSLPP (North Sydney Local Planning Panel). Further information relating to NSLPP, including Agendas and Reports can be found under the North Sydney Local Planning Panel (NSLPP).



NSIPP was established by Council on 22 July 2013. Determinations and any relevant decision of the Panel was made by a majority vote. If votes were tied the Chairperson had the casting vote. Voting was recorded for the public record. The Panel published its reasons and conclusions for decisions. All minutes for meetings held can be located below under the corresponding meeting date.

North Sydney Independent Planning Panel Charter (47KB)


Panel Members

The Panel consists of at least four members with experience and qualifications in urban design, architecture, planning or planning law. Panel members include: Jan Murrell (Chairperson), Michael Harrison (Member/Alternate Chairperson), Ian Pickles (Member), Virginia Waller (Community Member), Francesca O’Brien (Alternate Community Member), Peter Brennan (Alternate Member), Grant Christmas (Alternate Member).


Meeting Dates


7 February 2018 Agenda, Reports and Minutes