Council elections

Local Government Council Elections

The next Local Government Council elections will be held on Saturday 4 December 2021.

Council has engaged the NSW Electoral Commission to run the North Sydney elections on its behalf.


Key dates:

25 October 2021 Close of electoral rolls 
26 October 2021 Postal vote application open
3 November 2021 Close of candidate nominations (12pm) 
22 November 2021 Pre-poll voting opens / iVote commences 
29 November 2021 Postal vote applications close
3 December 2021 Pre-poll voting closes
4 December 2021

Election Day (8am - 6pm)

iVote applications close (1pm)

iVote voting closes (6pm)

21 - 23 December

Results declared progressively as counts
are finalised by Returning Officers


Elections Postponed

Why are council elections being postponed?

Council elections were planned for 4 September. They have been postponed until 4 December because of the current outbreak of COVID-19, and the increased risk from the higher transmission rates of the Delta variant.

Why couldn't council elections be held on 4 September 2021 by postal voting or online voting?

To allow council elections to be held by postal voting or online voting, outside the circumstances current permitted under the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), would require an amendment to that Act. The earliest this could occur is in the week starting on the 4 August when the NSW Parliament was scheduled to resume.

Even if the necessary amendments were passed, the NSW Electoral Commission advised that it would not be logistically possible to distribute, receive and process postal votes for every elector in NSW prior to 4 September. Similarly the Commission's online voting systems could not accommodate every elector in NSW.

How will the postponement of elections to 4 December 2021 affect the next term of councils?

The postponement of the elections will not affect the timing of future council elections, and the subsequent ordinary local government elections are scheduled to proceed in September 2024.


Returning Officer

North Sydney Council has elected the NSWEC to conduct its 2021 election. The NSWEC has appointed a Returning Officer for the North Sydney local government area, who will be located in Level 5, 1 James Place, North Sydney (Dates to be announced).


Work at the December local government Elections

People who would like to work at the December local government elections can now submit an application through the NSWEC ‘expression of interest’ website:

Applicants can work on the day (Saturday 4 December 2021) in a polling place, or for longer periods in a returning office or in one of the pre-poll voting centres.


More Information

This page will be updated as important information such as the location of Polling Places and the details of any referendum questions or community polls becomes available.

You can read about previous community polls.

For any further information, please go to the NSWEC at

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Posted on 27 September 2021

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