Deputy Mayor Cr Stephen Barbour


Councillor Stephen Barbour

Phone:    0411 105 760
Write:      c/- North Sydney Council, PO Box 12, North Sydney, NSW 2059

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Stephen has a Bachelor of Fine Art, Film and Television Production. He has worked as a professional TV producer/director for the past 13 years and currently works for the BBC Worldwide Channels. Stephen has lived in Neutral Bay for the past 17 years and has been a councillor since 2008.

Stephen has a strong track record in working with local residents and bringing communities together. As past Chairman of the Hayes Precinct, he has been actively involved in resolving issues for the community. He has been instrumental in turning the Hayes Street Party into a popular annual local event that has helped create a strong sense of community and its success is often highlighted by Council as an example of what precincts can achieve. He wants to use that experience to build on that residents have a real voice that Council listens to.

Stephen is committed to working with residents to address local issues such as improving footpaths and roads, finding solutions to traffic and parking, revitalising the North Sydney CBD and developing community-based, eco-friendly initiatives.