Resourcing Strategy

In accordance with statutory Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements Council has prepared a Resourcing Strategy.

The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 provides a vehicle for expressing long-term community aspirations. These cannot be achieved without sufficient resources (time, money, assets and people) to carry them out.

To achieve aspirations there are strategies, that marry resources to aspirations, needed which can be the responsibility of Council, but some also involve other stakeholders, including other levels of government, community groups or individuals. 

Only strategies that are the responsibility of Council are addressed here by the:

Resourcing Strategy (4MB)

Council's Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related components:

  1. Long-term financial plan.
  2. Asset management strategy.
  3. Workforce management strategy.


1. Long Term Financial Plan

This plan reflects Council's desire and capacity to deliver the strategies, initiatives, works and programs identified in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program. The Long Term Financial Plan is underpinned by Council’s Financial Management Policy (156KB). The plan includes:

  • projected income and expenditure, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • planning assumptions used to develop the plan
  • sensitivity analysis - highlights factors/assumptions most likely to affect the plan
  • financial modelling for three different scenarios
  • methods of monitoring financial performance.

Council has resolved to adopt Scenario 3 of the Long Term Financial Plan. The financial  estimates in the Delivery Program are based on Scenario 3.


2. Asset Management Strategy

Council has a significant portfolio of community infrastructure assets under its care and control. The Asset Management Strategy accounts for and plans for all of the existing assets under its ownership, and any new asset solutions proposed in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program.

The Asset Management Strategy is underpinned by Council’s Asset Management Policy (124KB) and sub-plans (Asset Management Plans per asset class) that identify all built assets under Council's ownership and outline risk management strategies for them.


3. Workforce Management Strategy

Council’s Workforce Management Strategy addresses the human resourcing requirements of its Delivery Program. It ensures Council has the people best able to achieve its strategic direction and deliver appropriate services effectively and efficiently. The plan includes:

  • analysis of current workforce and identification of gaps
  • forecasts of workforce requirements
  • strategies to address gaps
  • methods of periodic monitoring and evaluation.


For more information or hard copies of these documents contact Council's Manager Integrated Planning and Special Projects on 9936 8100.