Bushland Reserves

Bushland in North Sydney is precious...

Increasing population and building densities mean that only 4.5% (43 hectares) of bushland in North Sydney remains.

There are several areas of bushland left to enjoy in the midst of urbanisation. Many of these are on the harbour foreshore, combining places of natural beauty with spectacular views.

North Sydney Council is responsible for protecting remnant bushland areas, biodiversity, native wildlife and Aboriginal heritage, as outlined in our Bushland Plan of Management and the Bushland Rehabilitation Plans for Port Jackson and the Middle Harbour Catchments.

Despite the small, fragmented and highly impacted character of North Sydney's remnant bushland reserves, a surprising diversity of species and vegetation community types remain.

These are detailed in Council's Natural Area Survey of 2010.

Take a bushwalk and enjoy what we have access to, or join our Bushcare program which helps protect this local environment.

Refer to the map below to start your journey...

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