Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne

Brightmore Reserve is a small open forest remnant on a ridgeline overlooking Willoughby Bay in Middle Harbour, located at the end of Little Young Street, Cremorne.

Brightmore Bushcare Group was formed in 1993. This group meets on the first and third Sunday of every month, except during the Bushcare break of December and January.


The vegetation communities at this location include Angophora Foreshore Forest and Blackbutt Gully Forest represented by the dominant tree species, Sydney Red Gum (Angophora costata), Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) and Sydney Peppermint (Eucalyptus piperita). Bird species include Eastern Whip Birds, Tawny Frogmouths and Kookaburras. Eastern Water Dragons are often seen beside the creek and falls.  

Essentially, Bushcare is a social activity. It is a great way to undertake light exercise and enjoy the great outdoors while contributing to the conservation of our bushland areas. Qualified supervision and equipment is provided free of charge. Just turn up at the specified dates and times listed below to participate. Wear gardening clothes, including; a long sleeved shirt, long pants, enclosed shoes and a hat. Please bring your own bottle of drinking water.

Information: Bushcare Volunteers Convenor or the Council Bushcare Officer on 9936 8100.



*** Please note gatherings are restricted to 10 people, including the Bushcare Supervisor, due to safety concerns related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please contact the Group Convenor to help us manage this social distancing measure and to abide by this Federal Government directive. Participation will be scheduled on a rotating basis should there be more interest than places available. Please ensure you arrive at the nominated start time listed below for this purpose and to receive a safety briefing ***


7. Brightmore Reserve

Meet: 1st & 3rd Sunday* of the month

Time: 9 am - 12 Noon

Little Young St, Cremorne

* Full weekend

Convenor: Victoria Whitney

Phone:       0416 355 598




02 & 16


08 & 22


05 & 19


03 & 17


07* & 21


05 & 19


02 & 16


06 & 20


04* & 18


08 & 22




Asterisk* = Meetings that fall on a long weekend or the Building Bridges to Boorowa planting trip, please confirm meeting status with the Bushcare Group Convenor. In the event of rain, call the group convenor to confirm meeting status. Volunteers are required to wear enclosed shoes, long sleeved shirt, long pants, a hat & sunscreen. Please bring a bottle of drinking water.




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