Native Animals

North Sydney bushland reserves are home to a diversity of native animals.

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In 2010, ecological consultants Smith & Smith (2010) surveyed the wildlife in all of North Sydney's bushland reserves, and advised a total of 190 native terrestrial vertebrate species have been recorded in North Sydney, including 4 frog species, 20 reptile species, 150 bird species and 18 mammal species.

However, only 114 of these species still occur consistently in the area.

Eighteen species are listed as threatened species under NSW and/or Commonwealth legislation, but only three of these, the Powerful Owl, Grey-headed Flying-fox and Eastern Bent-wing Bat, occur regularly. Another 15 species are listed as migratory species under Commonwealth legislation. These are species listed on international migratory species agreements to which Australia is a signatory. A further 15 species are significant at regional level (Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority area), and 61 species are significant at the local level (North Sydney local government area).

A broad diversity of fauna is an important component for healthy functioning ecosystems.

Different fauna species provide a range of ecosystem services, from pollination of plants, seed dispersal and subsequent promotion of plant diversity to litter decomposition and nutrient recycling. The greater the diversity of vegetation and number of vegetation communities, the greater the habitat potential to support a diverse range of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. The more diverse the vegetation and fauna habitat, the more self-regulatory and healthy the ecosystem will be.


Wildlife Hotspot

A wildlife hotspot eg. area of special importance for biodiversity was identified in North Sydney. Tunks Park in Cammeray was identified as the most important reserve for birds, and especially for small bushbirds, such as the Superb Fairy-wren, Variegated Fairy-wren, Brown Thornbill, Brown Gerygone, Spotted Pardalote, Eastern Spinebill, Eastern Yellow Robin, Red-browed Finch and Silvereye. Birds of this type have declined dramatically in North Sydney since 1970, while larger birds better adapted to the urban environment have increased (Smith and Smith 2008).


Wildlife Watch and Bird Surveys

The North Sydney Council Continuing Bird Survey records a snapshot of bird diversity in North Sydney every 5-10 years. This data is used as a bio-indicator of bushland health and the ongoing improvements in biodiversity that are being achieved through Council's bushland rehabilitation activities. Building on these formal surveys, the Wildlife Watch Citizen Science Program aims to encourage local residents to report wildlife sightings in North Sydney LGA.  This valuable information helps the Bushland Team to continuously update our database of local fauna, monitor species trends and target rehabilitation actions.

For local native wildlife read about our Wildlife Watch Program, or please contact our Bushland Project Officer on 9936 8100, email

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