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Venue: Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
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Welcome to the Climate Party/ies

The three part Climate Party series brings people together to raise awareness around climate change and help create a sustainable future.

Climate change is a threat so huge, it becomes unthinkable. Many of us hear the dreaded words and either despair, anxiously distract ourselves, blame it on others, or deny it is happening. Although these are very human reactions, none is particularly helpful. So what do we do?

We come together and start talking about climate change. We share knowledge, support each other and combine our isolated efforts. We use our creativity and range of abilities to collaboratively shape a sustainable future.

The Climate Party series provides you with tools to do this. Three carefully designed events to spark a conversation around climate change and raise awareness.

Each party will have a number of playful activities designed to inspire community and transform any feelings of being overwhelmed into action. All you have to do is invite your friends, eat, drink and explore the topics.

There are three parties being held, but it is not essential that you attend all three. Each session stands by itself although you are more than welcome to book all three parties if you wish.

Let's get this party started!

We have no time to lose...

Bookings essential.

Drinks and snacks provided.


Climate Change Party 1 - Facts and how to speak about climate change with others

This event recaps the facts and gives you the necessary tools to have climate conversations outside of your usual echo chambers.

To begin with, we do a climate trivia quiz to have a bit of fun and recap some facts. We then consider the ‘contagion of inaction‘ that the silence about the topic within the general population causes.

This is followed by examining the elements of an effective climate conversation. You have the opportunity to practice these so that you can confidently strike up a conversation when the moment arises. We finish the event by considering our relationship with nature and the marvel that surrounds us.

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About your host

Christina is an educator and learning designer with a decade of experience in teaching and course development. She specialties in applying Human Centred Design principles to create fun and engaging learning experiences.

Christina's multicultural background allows her to bring a new perspective and innovative solutions to complex problems. Extensive research into climate psychology and communication lead her to create the Climate Parties. These events bring people together to raise awareness and encourage an exploration of our relationship with the topic.

More info: Refer to the Climate Parties website here.


Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
2 Balls Head Drive
New South Wales 2060


For more information please contact Sustainability Education Officer.

: 02 9936 8398

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