Harvest Collective Online

Applications for Harvest Collective Online will open in July, 2022.


What is Harvest Collective?

Over 100 North Sydney residents have successfully participated in Harvest Collective since 2020. Harvest Collective is a food gardening program that assists North Sydney residents to set up their own food garden and join the sustainable food movement.

The program is suitable for those who either live, work or study in the North Sydney LGA. The food garden could be at your home, apartment block, neighbourhood centre, church group, pre-school, school or any group you are involved in.


Benefits of participating in Harvest Collective (online)

The project will give you all the skills and knowledge to set up your own food garden. By the end of the course you will be able to confidently plan, prepare and grow your own herbs and veggies while avoiding many of the common mistakes that beginner gardeners make. Grow better, grow bigger, grow where it suits you best!


What does going online mean?

Instead of residents getting together to build and manage a food garden on common property (as per previous years), participants in 2022 will individually complete an online food gardening course developed by renowned horticulturist Toni 'the veggie lady' Salter.

The course is six hours of video tuition, How-to factsheets, step-by-step instructions on planning, planting and garden management, garden journal and bonus growing guide for 30 different veggies.


What is provided as part of the program?

  • Free online food gardening course (valued at $99 per person) which has been developed by horticulturist and educator Toni 'the veggie lady' Salter. Participants complete six modules at their own time and pace.
  • Three facilitated 'live tutorial sessions' via Zoom with Toni Salter to support your online learning. Each session recaps two modules per session, with open Q&A on participant projects.
  • $25 Bunnings voucher to purchase gardening supplies at the completion of your course.

Participant requirements

  • Commit to completing the online course, estimated time is between 6-12 hours at your own time and pace.
  • Participate in a minimum of two online live Zoom tutorial sessions during the course (dates TBC)




2020 Harvest Collective Program

In 2020, 50 North Sydney residents successfully completed the Harvest Collective online course and built their own food garden. The results spoke for themselves with residents taking up the challenge and growing better, bigger and harvesting more than ever before!



What the participants said about the program....

  • Thank you for a brilliant programme. It exceeded expectations and was a huge win for our building to be a part of it. We are harvesting so much food from our garden and working with our neighbours to take it to the next level. More garden beds, bees and hopefully some chickens in the new year!
  • Keep it up! Awesome program for all ages and a great way to encourage healthy diets as well as therapeutic activity.
  • The workshops off-site and on-site were well run and the contents were very useful. Communication and organisation was fantastic in keeping everyone on track and informed. The excursion was outstanding and provided valuable knowledge.
  • The imparting of simple, basic knowledge about vegetable gardening and recycling was excellent, as was the on-site visit which allowed more time for Q&A's
  • Keep it up! This sort of programme helps to gradually shift our attitudes and the way we deal with waste for the better.


Can't Wait? Don't Then. Grow your Own!

Anytime, grab our top tips for growing your own here...


Further Information

Sustainability Education Officer on 9936 8100, or email sustainabilityeducation@northsydney.nsw.gov.au