Compostable dog tidy bags

Council provides a staggering 750,000 dog tidy bags every year!


Since 2016, in many of our parks we aim to encourage responsible dog ownership and reduce water pollution.

These bags are 100% home compostable, replacing their non-renewable plastic predecessors.

They are made from waste corn that is unsuitable for human and animal consumption, and is grown in areas with high rainfall to minimise irrigation.

Used bags can be composted at home or placed into a regular red bin.

As with other materials, it is important not to litter.

Outside of a compost, degradation is much slower and while these bags do not contain plastics, impacts on animals and the environment are similar to those from plastic.

If you would like to purchase your own home compostable dog tidy bags, look for a product that has been certified under AS 5810, TÜV OK compost home, NFT 51-800 or another equivalent international standard.